The major functions of AMREC are to:

• Coordinate and supervise all extension and outreach programmes of the University.
• Translate agricultural research findings into agricultural media materials with main emphasis on video, audio and printed materials for dissemination of information to farmers.
• Train extension personnel in the area of agricultural media productions such as bulletins, posters, pamphlets, extension guides etc, on a variety of general agricultural topics that can be used in working with the farmers.

• Provide specialized trainings for farmers in UNAAB catchments area.
• Disseminate agricultural information to farmers through the UNAAB Community Radio and liaise with Television stations to telecast agricultural innovations/technologies emanated from UNAAB.

• Evolve through research and practice, improved extension models, evaluate extension programmes and translate research findings to usable forms for various extension agencies in UNAAB catchments area.

Publish proven academic/technical/extension texts, reports and proceedings emanating from the works .of researchers and other subject matter specialists.

· Conduct On-Farm Adaptive Research (OFAR) and teach new agricultural technologies that are well adaptable to the ecological zones in Southwest Nigeria.

· Conduct trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences on agricultural and extension services related activities.

· Provide communication support facilities for training, research and extension activities.

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