Commendations, Celebrations Trail Feat

Barrage of commendations and celebrations have trailed last week’s feat by FUNAAB as the 2nd Best University in Nigeria and 35th in Africa, in the World Universities’ Web Ranking. The good news has elicited positive reactions from stakeholders and well-wishers of the University, especially for outshining the first, second and third generation universities. Excerpts:

Prof. Toyin Arowolo, DVC (Academic) It’s a justification of Prof. Balogun’s efforts … Prof. Toyin Arowolo, DVC (Academic): “I am extremely happy because it is a justification of the efforts, he (the Vice-Chancellor) has put in. Professor Balogun has worked tirelessly for this University. We are proud of FUNAAB becauseanywhere we go, people always asked us: How are you people doing it? Other Universities are trying to emulate us and like Prof. Balogun used to say, this feat is a testimony to the fact that hardwork does not kill and reward for hardwork is more work”. He, however, declared that, the feat is a challenge to attaining the number one position. According to him, to reach the topmost level, all hands must be on deck, as it remained an enormous task for all stakeholders that must be achieved, irrespective of odds. The DVC (A) also expressed his readiness to liaise with the ‘Nimbe Adedipe Library, to ensure that useful Library resources were always posted on the net. He disclosed that academic staff will be encouraged to update their Curriculum Vitae on the Internet.

Prof. Felix Salako, DVC (Development) I am happy to be part of University staff that made it happen … Prof. Felix Salako, DVC (Development): “I am very happy about our feat in the World Universities’ Web Ranking. I am very happy to be part of the Management and more importantly, to be part of the University staff that has made it possible for us to achieve it. There is no doubt that our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun, has contributed greatly to this feat. He has been a transformational leader. What we are witnessing is a fall-out of his impressive management of the University for four and half years. I am also not losing sight of the University’s Webometrics Centre, ICTREC and others. Kudos to them”.


Prof. Femi Bamiro (Chemistry Department) This is beyond Web Ranking. It’s an international recognition for FUNAAB … Prof. Femi Bamiro (Chemistry Department): “I am not surprised. When you look around, for those of us who are quite familiar with the state of universities in oversees’ countries, FUNAAB has developed up to a point that it is now attracting universal recognition.” “What is left for us now is to continue to develop on what the outgoing Vice-Chancellor has done. I am talking of development of our laboratories, development of our lecturers, through linkages and publications, development of our first class graduates through international exposure and scholarship from the Federal Government,” he added.

Prof. Segun Osinowo (Director, IFSERAR) “The outcome of Professor Balogun’s effort is manifesting while he’s still around”… Prof. Segun Osinowo (Director, IFSERAR): “It is a major achievement. It cannot really be overstated. Of course, we have to give credit to the current Vice-Chancellor because while he’s still around, the outcome of all his efforts is already manifesting in all facets of the University. It is a credit to him because his due honour is coming to him while he’s still around with us. FUNAAB was ranked No.1 many years ago, during the tenure of Professor Okojie but the foundation had been laid by Professor N.O Adedipe when he was Vice-Chancellor but the credit came when Professor Okojie was around. Fortunately, this time around, Professor Balogun is around to reap the fruits of his labour”.



Mr. Abdulsobbur Salaam, SSANU, FUNAAB Branch Chairman I’m happy to be part of the success story… Mr. Abdulsobbur Salaam, SSANU, FUNAAB Branch Chairman: “I am happy. I feel very happy, being part of the success, having contributed my own little quota, I feel great and I am proud of this great University.


Dr. Biodun Badmus, former Coordinator, Webometrics Centre We have laid a solid foundation … Dr. Biodun Badmus, former Coordinator, Webometrics Centre: “I am happy with our latest ranking. We laid a solid foundation when I was there as the pioneer Coordinator. Then, we used to have departmental ranking within the University. We encouraged our colleagues to submit data. If the content of the web is empty, you have no place in the ranking. One is happy for pioneering and laying the foundation for today’s success story”. Commenting on the way forward, he charged the University’s Webometrics Centre and ICTREC to under-study the websites of the ten best-ranked universities in the world and Africa and use it as yardstick to improve on FUNAAB’s website. Prof. Segun Apantaku, Dean, COLAMRUD

This is unprecedented … Prof. Segun Apantaku, Dean, COLAMRUD: “Dear Professor Balogun, on behalf of all staff and students of the College of Agricultural Management and Rural Development, I congratulate you as the Vice-Chancellor on the saddle of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, who lifted the University to an enviable heights as the 2nd amongst Nigerian Universities in Webometric Ranking and 35th in Africa. This is unprecedented”.

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