Adeniyi, T. T: Publications


(a) Dissertation

i. Effects of Food deprivation on Calcium and Phosphorus Concentation in tissues of rat (B. Sc Thesis 1994)

ii. Production, Purification and Partial Characterization of Alpha Amylase from Bacillus Species (M. Sc. Thesis 1998).

(b) Articles in Learned Journals

1. UGBAJA, R. N. and ADENIYI, T. T. (2004). Effects of 2-week Vitamin C supplement in occupationally lead exposed artisans from a mechanic village in Abeokuta, Nigeria: Assets Series B 3 (1)

2. ADENIYI, T. T., AJAYI, G. O. and AKINLOYE, O. A. (2008). Effects of Ascorbic acid and Allium sativum on tissue lead levels on tissue lead levels in rats. Nig. J. Health and Biomed Sciences Vol. 7, No. 2, 38-41.

3. AJAYI, G. O., ADENIYI, T. T. AND BABAYEMI D, O. (2009). Hepatoprotective and some haematological effects of Allium sativum and vitamin C in lead-exposed wistar rats. International J. Medicine and Medical Sciences Vol1. (3) pp. 064-06

4. ADENIYI T. T., AJAYI G. O., SADO M. A. and OLOPADE H. J. (2009) Ameliorative effects of Vitamin C and Garlic (Allium sativum) on Biochemical Alterations induced by one-week lead exposure in rats. Assets (submitted)

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