Adeoti, A.Y.A’s Courses Taught




Class Course

200 Level B. Sc. CPPR 206 (Agric. Microbiology)

500 Level B. Sc. CPPR 501 Disease Management

200 Level B. Ed. AGED 202 Crop Protection Practices

600 Level M.Sc. CPPR 604 Mycology & Fungal Diseases


AT Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta

a. Undergraduate

Class Course

CPP 301 (Crop Production)

CPT 505 Principles of Plant Pathology

CPT 506 Plant Disease Management

CPT 507 Crop Protection

b. Postgraduate

CPP 719 Physiology of Fungi

CPP 720 Advanced Mycology

CPP 721 Bacteriology 2000 – 2002

CPP 723 Principles and Practices of Plant Disease Control

PDC 706 Principles of Plant Pathology




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