Akegbejo, S. Y: Caurses Taught

Code  Course Title

FIS 201 Introduction to Fisheries Management

FIS 307  Fish Ecology

FIS 308  Elementary Seamanship and Navigation

FIS 309 Aquaculture

FIS 316  Marine and Brackishwater Economic Resources

FIS 313  Fish Farming Techniques and Hatchery Management

FIS 403  Fish Production, Management Technique and Accounting Practice

FIS 407  Aquatic Environmental Survey

FIS 411  Fisheries (Aquaculture) Engineering

FIS 702  Production of Inland and Marine Waters

FIS 704  Advances in Aquaculture

FIS 705  Systematic study of Aquatic food Animals

PDF 715 Coastal Water Economic Resources

PDF 709 Advances in Aquaculture

MBA 705 Fisheries Business Management

FIS 700 Research Methodology

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