Akinloye, A.K: Conferences Attended

1. Akinloye, A.K. (1994). Studies on effects of Helminth parasites on Pest des petete ruminants (PPR) virus infected goats. The 18th Annual conference of Nigeria Society for parasitology ‘Awka ‘94’

2. Akinloye, A.K. (1995). A survey of clinical cases of allergic dermatitis in dogs following cutaneous myasis. The 19th Annual conference of Nigeria Society for parasilology ‘Anambra’ (1995)

3. Akinloye, A.K.; Adedeji, O.S and Jibrin, R. (1995). Studies on incidence of Tramatic ventriculitis in Apparently Healthy Nigerian Domestic Fowls. (Gallus domestica). 32nd Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association Conference held at Natgional Veterinary Research Institute, Vom Plateau State, between 23rd and 27th October, 1995.

4. Faleke, O.O. and Akinloye, A.K. (1996). Development of freshwater fisheries in Nigerian: The health aspect. A workshop on ‘Alleviation of Poverty through improved sustainable Agricultural Production’. Organised by Kebbi State and Federal Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. At Argungu, Kebbi State.

5. Akinloye, A.K. and Anise E.O. (1996). Evaluation of Seasonal changes on Testicular Histology and functions of male guinea fowls (Numida maleagridis galeate.) 33rd Annual Congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association held at Enugu Presidential Hotel, Enugu ’96 between 21st and 25th October, 1996.

6. Akinloye, A.K.; Adedeji, O.S. and Obudu, C.E. (1997). Relationship of Scrotal circumference to Age, Body and left scrotal length in the Red Sokoto (Maradi) Goats. 22nd Annual conference of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production (NSAP) held at Abubaka Tafawa Balewa University, Nigeria. 23rd – 27th March, 1997.

7. Obudu, C.E.; Fayemi, O; Olorode, B.R. and Akinloye, A.K. (1999). Lesions of External genitilia of Bucks in South western Nigeria. 36th Annual National Congress of Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association held at Arewa House, Kaduna 25th October, 1999.

8. Akinloye, A.K; and Oke, B.O. (2000). Effects of giant milk weed (calotropis procera) on the development of reproductive system and some other organs in male wistar rats. Anatiomical Society of West Africa 9th International Congress. Ibadan 2000, Oct. 18th – 22nd, 2000. Department of Anatomy, University of Ibadan.

9. Akinloye A.K; Abatan, M.O; Alaka, O.O; Onwuka ,S.K and Oke, B.O.(2001). Histopathological effects of Calotropis procera on some organs of male wistar rats. 38th Annual National Congress of Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association held at ASCON Topo, Badagry. Lagos State Between 8th and 13th October, 2001.

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