Ashaolu, O.F: Conferences

(d) Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings
(1) Fakoya, E.O.; Oloruntoba, A.; Ashaolu, O.F. and S.A. Adewuyi (2006): “Women Farmers and Household Food Security in Odeda Local Govt. Area of Ogun State, Nigeria”. in Economic Reforms and Management of Nigerian Agriculture; in Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference of Federal University of Technology, School of Agriculture & Agricultural Technology, Akure. Onibi, G.E., Agele, S.O., Adekunle, V.A.J. and Akinbulumo, M.O. (Eds). Pp 210-214.
(2) Ayinde, I.A., Ashaolu, O.F., Adewuyi, S.A. and M.U Agbonlahor (2005). “Analysis of Production of Fufu (Wet Paste) in Ibadan North Local Govt Area of Oyo State,Nigeria”. In Agricultural Research for Development in Nigeria; in Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the Farm Management Assoc. of Nigeria, Ogisi O.D., Okuneye, P.O. and Oyaide, W.J.. (Eds) Pp 180-185.
(3) Ashaolu, O.F. (1999). “Human Capital Development as a Strategy to Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria” in Poverty Alleviation and Food Security in Nigeria; in Proceedings of the 1998 Annual Conference of Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE), held at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, 15th-18th April. Edited by Fabiyi, Y.L. and E.O. Idowu, Chp. 48, pp280-284.
*(4) Agbonlahor, M.U., Ashaolu, O.F., Adewuyi, S.A, and Ayinde, I.A. (2006). “Improving Farm Income through Cooperative Action: The Case of Farm Households Participation in Grooup Activities in Ogun State, Nigeria.” Book of Proceedings, Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE) Annual Conference,LAUTECH, Ogbomoso. Pp. 45-50.
*(5) Fakoya, E.O.; Ashimolowo, O.R., Adewuyi, S.A. and O.F. Ashaolu (2006): “Socio-Economic Effects of Micro-Credit on Small Scale Poultry Farmers’ Livelihood in Abeokuta North LGA of Ogun State.” Proceedings of 33rd Annual Conference of Nigerian Society of Animal Production. Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ayetoro, Ogun State. Pp. 304-307.
*(6) Ayinde, I.A., Akerele, D., Ashaolu, O.F., Adewuyi, S.A. and N. Gerald (2008). ”Economics of Palm-oil Processing in Ovia West Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.” Paper presented at the 22nd Annual National Conference of the Farm Management Assoc. of Nigeria (FAMAN), held at the University of Agriculture,Makurdi. Sept. 8-11, 2008, pp 306-314.
(e) Unpublished Conference, Workshop/Seminar in the last Five Years
(1) Okuneye, P.A., Adewuyi S. A., Ayinde, I.A.,and O.F. Ashaolu (2005) “The Impact of Socio-Economic, Physical and Technological Environment on the Nigeria Agriculture”. Paper presented at the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists held at Port-Harcourt, 2005.
(2) Ashaolu, O.F. and Adewuyi, S.A. (2006): “Globalisation: Implications for Enhanced Domestic Food Production”. Being Paper presented at a Workshop on ‘Fostering Effective Agricultural Food Production in Ogun State’. Bureau of Establishments and Training, in Collaboration with Messrs Titus and Associate, Staff Development Center, Kobape Road, Abeokuta, March 28,2006.

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