Ashaolu, O.F: Research

Research completed but not yet published
(1) Agbonlahor, M.U., Ashaolu, O.F., and Ayinde, I.A (2009): “An Assessment of Technical Efficiencies in Vegetable Fadama Farms in Ogun State, Nigeria”. Paper under review.

(2) Ashaolu, O.F (2008): “Production Elasticity and Resource Use Efficiency on “Ofada” Rice Farms in Ogun State, Nigeria”. RESDEC-sponsored study. Paper under review.

(3) Agbonlahor, M.U., Ashaolu, O.F., and A.J. Ogunleye (2009): “Productivity Dispersion and Sources of Inefficiency in Small-holder Timber Mills in Nigeria”. Paper under review.

(4) Shittu, A.M., Phillip B.B. and O.F. Ashaolu, (2010). Agricultural labour productivity growth
and catching up among countries in West African sub-region, 1970-2004. Paper under

(5) Phillip, B.B., Shittu, A.M., and O.F. Ashaolu, (2011) Pattern and Determinants of Non-
Alcoholic Beverage Demand among Urban Households in Abeokuta and Ibadan, Nigeria.
Paper under review.

Research in Progress
(1) Estimating the Economic Value of Zoological Gardens in South-West Nigeria.
(2) Comparative Analysis of Beneficiaries and Non-Beneficiaries of Credit Among Women
Agribusiness Entrepreneurs in Egbeda Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria.
(3) Production Efficiency of Quail Egg (Coturnix japonica) Production Among Quail Farmers in
Abeokuta Metropolis, Ogun State Nigeria.
(4) Non-timber forest products and households’ food security in Oyo State, Nigeria.
(5) Value chain analysis and adoption of improved farm technologies among small-holder rice
farmers in Lagos State, Nigeria.
(6) Determinants of the adoption of improved ofada rice varieties among small-holder farmers in
Ogun State, Nigeria.

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