Popoola, A.R’s Research

a. Completed

  • In-vitro screening of yam plantlets for resistance to yam anthracnose disease. – STEP-B SPONSORED
  • Inducing somatic embryogenesis in local cultivars of cowpea for genetic transformation and disease resistance. – STEP-B SPONSORED.
  • Integrated control of bacterial wilt and root knot nematode for improved tomato yield in southwestern Nigeria. – IFSERAR SPONSORED.


b. In Progress

  • Morphological and molecular screening of tomato varieties/lines for resistance to fungal and bacterial wilt – DfID SPONSORED.
  • Marker-assisted breeding for resistance to wilt in tomatoes. A collaborative work with Prof. D.K. Ojo.  DfID-SPONSORED
  • Producing genetically transformed lines of tomatoes that are resistant to Fusarium wilt – ARCN-SPONSORED

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