Adebambo, Ayotunde O: Conferences Attended

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-11th Nov 2009. Pp 117-119.

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– 7th October 2011, Peebles Hydro, near Edinburgh. edited-proceedings.pdf. Pg 51.

  1. Odunlade A.K., Adebambo A.O. and Ozoje P.O. 2011. The effect of Azadirachta indica on the reproductive functions of male Albino rats. The 11th Annual Scientific conference of  Nigerian Society  of Experimental Biology.


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  2. Raman A. Lawal, O. Adebambo, Takele T. Desta, David Wragg, Olivier Hanotte. 2014. Genetic differentiation of Ethiopian and Nigerian village chicken. Poster presentation at the Poultry Genetics Group meeting, POPGROUP47, Bath. January 7-10, 2014.


  1. Bemji, M.N., Awotunde, E.O, Olowofeso, O. and Adebambo A.O. Phylogenetic relationships among two Nigerian goat breeds and Kalahari Red goat of South Africa. Poster presentation at the 10thWorld Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Vancouver B.C. Canada. August 17-22, 2014. posters/870_paper_3625_manuscript_31_0.pdf?sfvrsn=2


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C.O.N. and Adebambo, O.A. 2015. Growth hormone gene polymorphism and its effect on carcass traits of normal feathered indigenous chicken. Proceedings of Nigeria International poultry summit held at University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. 10-14.

  1. Adebambo O, Adebambo A, Adeleke M., Adeleye A., Adetunji A., Ajayi F., Akinola W, Alabi O, Dessie T, Ikeobi C, Ogundu U, Ojoawo H, Osinbowale D, Ozoje M. Peters S, Sonaiya B, Wheto M. Yakubu A, 2018. Genetic conservation through effective utilization of the improved indigenous chicken breeds by rural households in Nigeria. Proceedings of the world congress on genetics applied to livestock production : 1117

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