Olude, M.A: Research

Ajayi, O.L., Olude, M.A., Adebayo, A.O.Disseminated Mycotic aortitis in Nera black ChickenOlude, M. A., Olopade, J.O.and Fatola, I.O. Some aspects of the neurocraniometry of the African giant Rat (Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse) Ajayi O.L., Olude, M. A.Heapatocelluar tumors in domestic fowls

Olude M.A, Olopade J.O. Macro-anatomical investigations on the forelimb skeleton of African giant rat (Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse).Olude M.A,Olopade J.O. Some Aspects Of The Orbital And Ocular Morphometry Of The African Giant Rat(Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse). Macro-anatomical investigations on the Pelvic Limb of the African giant rat (Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse).

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