Sam-wobo, S. O. H: Research

Research in Progress

(i) Studies on Water, Sanitation and Patterns of Filarial and Helminth Infections in Northern and Southern Nigeria

(ii) Forest plants and its effects on Simulium activities.

(iii) Rectal Artesunate suppositories in the management of childhood malaria

(iv) Health challenges affecting students in tertiary school communities

(v) Malaria parasitaemia in school attending children

(vi)  Access to good water by tertiary school students

(vii) Cyto -taxonomy of Simulium sp and perceptions of community members.

(viii) Mapping of Mosquitoes for Lymphatic Filariasis in Southwest Nigeria

(ix) Epidemiology and impact of Foodborne Trematodiasis and Taeniasis among Abattoirs in Ogun State.

(x) Status of Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis in Ogun State

Research completed

(i) Knowledge, Attitude and Hygiene Practices on the continuous transmission of malaria parasites and gastrointestinal helminths

(ii) Small Ruminants and Helminthiasis

(iii) Pastoral activities and the transmission of Trypanosomiasis in a derived savanna

(iv) Malaria parasitaemia in school attending children

(v) Onchocerciasis and its control in South-western Nigeria

(vi) Effects of helminthiasis on rice growing communities

(vii) Studies on co-infections of HIV-AIDS and Malaria among pregnant women

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