Ikenweiwe, N. B: Publications

Articles in learned journals
(i) Agbon, A. O. Ezeri, G.N.O., Ikenweiwe N. B., Alegbeleye, W. O., Oke, O.A and Akomolede, D. T. (2002). A comparative study of different storage methods on shelf-life of smoked – cured fish. Journal of Aquatic Sciences. 17(2): 134-136. [Abstract]


(ii) Ikenweiwe, N.B. and Otubusin, S.O. (2005). An evaluation of the pelagic primary productivity and potential fish yield of Oyan Lake, South Western Nigeria. The Zoologist Vol.3 :46-57


(iii) Ikenweiwe, N.B. and Otubusin, S.O. (2007) Some aspects of limnology, Fish and plankton distribution and abundance of Oyan Lake, south western Nigeria. Applied Tropical Agriculture Vol. 12 (2):60-69


(iv) Akinwale, M-M, A., Keke, R. I., Egenonu, C. and Ikenweiwe, N. B. (2007). Bacterial Microflora of the African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus juveniles raised under fish cum pig integrated farming system in freshwater earthen ponds during the dry season. Nigerian Journal of Fisheries. Vol. 4(2):91-104.[Abstract]


(v) Ikenweiwe, N.B, Otubusin, S.O. Akinwale M.M.A and Osofero, S.A. (2007). A comparison of the composition and abundance of fish species caught with experimental gill net with that of artisanal fishermen at Oyan Lake, South West Nigeria. European Journal of Scientific Research. 16, (4): 336 – 346. [Abstract]


(vi) Ikenweiwe, N.B., Otubusin, S.O., Awotunde, J. M. and Oke, O.A. (2007). Socio-economic profile, occupational activities and social conditions of rural fisherfolks in Oyan Lake Area. European Journal of Scientific Research. Vol. 16, (2):227 – 237.


(vii) Ikenweiwe, N. B., Otubusin, S. O. and Oyatogun, M. O. (2007). Fisheries of Oyan Lake, South West Nigeria and Potential for  Ecotourism development. European Journal of Scientific Research. 16, (3): 327 – 335.


(viii) Ikenweiwe, N.B, Otubusin, S.O. Omoniyi, I.T and Odulate D.O (2007). A survey of the fish catch of commercial importance in Oyan Lake, South Western Nigeria. Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture.Vol.12, (1&2) 107-113.


(ix) Ikenweiwe, N.B., Otubusin, S.O. and Martins O, (2007). Interrelationship between some physico-chemical, and biological variables in Oyan Lake, South West Nigeria. Journal of Applied Tropical Agriculture. Vol. 12, ( 2) 114-120.


(x) Ikenweiwe, N.B and Otubusin, S.O. (2007). Survey of fishing gears of Oyan Lake South Western Nigeria. European Journal of Scientific Research.16, (3). In press.


(xi) Adewolu M.A., Ikenweiwe, N.B. and Mulero M. A (2010) Evaluation of animal protein as a replacement of fish meal in practical diets in Clarias gariepinus (Burchell1822) fingerlings. Israeli journal of Aquaculture. Vol.62.issue 4.

(xii) **Ikenweiwe N.B.; Idowu A.A and Ayoola S.O. (2010). Effects of Oven and Air-dried pituitary hormone on the ovulative capacity of gravid Clarias gariepinus. African Journal of Livestock Extension. Vol.8:1-3. Published by the department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

(xiii) **Ikenweiwe, N.B., Bolaji, B.O. and Bolaji, G.A (2010) Fabrication And Performance Assessment Of A Locally Developed Fish Smoking Kiln. Ozean Journal of Applied Sciences 3(4):363-369, 2010 ISSN 1943-2429. Published by Ozean Publication, Turkey.

(xiv) **Ikenweiwe,N.B, Idowu, A.A. and Ayoola, S.O. (2011) Limnology of Ogun River, Isheri, South West Nigeria. International Journal of Fisheries And Aquacultural Sciences (IJFAS), Vol. 1(1):45-52. Published by International Research Publication House, India. Available online at http:www.irphouse.com.

(xv) **Idowu A.A., S.O Ayoola, A.I. Opele and N.B. Ikenweiwe (2011). Impact of Climate Change in Nigeria. International Journal of Energy and Environment 2(2):145-152. Published by the International Energy andEnvironment Foundation, Iraq.

(xvi) **Ikenweiwe N. B, A.A Idowu, S.O. Ayoola and A.O. Davies, (2011). Length-Weight Relationship of some Selected Fish species of Lekan-Are Lake, Ogun State, Nigeria. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences 3 (5): 403-409. ISSN 2078-4589. IDOSI Publications, 2011

(xvii) **Ayoola, SO, Idowu, AA, Ikenweiwe, NB and Ajagbe, EF (2010). Heamatological Changes in Clarias gariepinus exposed to Cypermethrin. Journal of Environmental Extension – Vol. 9:63-71. Journal of Faculty of Agriculture & Forestry University of Ibadan, Nigeria

(xviii) **Oke O.A., Adekoya,O.O. Agbon and N.B Ikenweiwe (2007). An Assessment of the Distribution and Biological Control of Water Hyacinth (Eichhorinia crassipes) (Marts) Solms: Pontedariaceae in Ogun State, South West Nigeria. Advances in Plant Sciences. (An International, Biannual Research Journal Published under the auspices of Academy of Plant Sciences, India). Pages 151-154

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