Adeoti, A.Y.A’s Conferences

1. Uvah, I. I. and Adeoti, A.Y. A. (1991): Pest and disease management in Wheat production and storage. Summary Proceedings of the 1st National Workshop on Prospects for wheat self-sufficiency in Nigeria. Organized by the Nigeria Inst. For Social and Economic Research (NISER) Ibadan and Erber Fredrich foundation of West Germany at NISER, Ibadan July 29 – August 1, 1990. 5 – 6.

2. Lagoke S. T., Shebayan, J. S. Adeosun, J., Iwuafor, E. N. O., Emachebe, A. M.Adeoti, A.Y. A., Chobe, S. (1994): Survey of the Striga problem, and on- farm testing of integrated Striga control packages and evaluation of various Striga control methods of maize, sorghum and cowpea in the Nigeria Savanna.Proceedings, 1st General Workshop of the Pan-African Striga Constrol Network (PASCON) 11 – 14 March 1990, Ilbadan, Nigeria. Accra (Ghana) FAO. Pp 50 -79.

3. Elemo, K. A., Iken, J. E., Fakorede, M. A. B., Lagoke, S. T., Adeleke, O. A.,Iwuafor, E.N.O., Uyovbisere, E. O., Chude, V. O., Ogungbile, A. O. Adeoti, A.Y. A., Ogunlela, V. B., and Uvah, I. I., (1991). Maize Production in West and Central Africa: Trends and Research Orientation. Summary of Country Reports (Maize) presented at the SAFGRAD Inter-Networks Conference, Niamey, Niger, 8th –14th March 1991 pp 48 – 54.

4. Lagoke, S. T. O., Shebayan, J. Y., Magani, I., Olorunju, P., Olufajo, O. O., Eleme,K. A., Uvah, I., Adeoti, A.Y. A., Chindo, P. S., Kureh, I., Jatau, S., Emechebe, A. M., Ndahi, W. B., Kim, S. K., Weber, G., Singh, B. B., Odion, C., and Avav, V., : Strigaproblem and Development of Appropriate Control Technologies in various Crops in Nigeria.Proceeding of the 3rd General Workshop of PAN-African Striga Control (PASSCON) 18 – 23 October 1993 Harare, Zibabwe. FAO pp 89 – 100.

5. Adeoti, A.Y. A., Tarawali, S. A., and Mohammed-Saleem, M. A. (1994): Development of management strategies for stylo with emphasis on pests and diseases.Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on the use of Stylosanthes in West Africa. Held in Kaduna, Nigeria, 26 – 31 October 1992.ILCA Bulleting, Addis Abbaba, Ethopia pp 123 – 128.

6. Adeoti, A.Y. A. (1998): Preliminary activities on the Bio-systematic in theAbeokuta Environs of South-Western Nigeria. Proceeding of the First National Biosystematics Workshop. Held at A.B.U., May 29 – 31, 2001.

7. Adeoti, A.Y. A., Dike, M. C. And Grupta, S. C. (1998): Introduction of Resistance to Insect Pests and Diseases in improved Pearl Millet Varieties.

8. Proceedings of the Pre-season National Coordination and Planning Meeting of the Nationally Coordinated Research Programme on Millet in Nigerian Agriculture Production, utilization and research priorities pp 65 – 67.

9. Alabi, S. O.; Adeoti, A.Y. A., Alabi O. and Oluwasemire K. O. (2003): Inheritance orresistance in cotton cultivars to HVI isolate and a mixture of two races of X. compestris p.v. malvecearum (s) Dye in Nigeria. World Cotton Research Conference 3Cape Town, South Africa, March, 2003.


10 W. S. Japhet, D. N. Iortsuun, P. D. Katung and A. A. Adeoti (2001): Effect of artificial defoliation on yields of Kenaf. Proceedings of African Crop Science Conference. Vol. 5. pp. 1025-1028.


Technical Reports

1. Echekwu, C. A., Ogunlela, V. B., Onu, I. and Adeoti, A.Y. A. (1996): Performance of some exotic cotton varieties in Zaria. Report of commissioned project by Premier Seeds Nigeria Ltd., Zaria.

2. Echekwu, C. O. A., Adeoti, A.Y. A., and Showemimo, F. A.: Genetic, Phenotypic and Environmental Variances and Character Associations in Kenaf (Hibiscus CannabinusL.)



3. Adeoti, A.Y. A. Handling of pesticide chemicals – Precautions.Course for “Train the trainers” at NCRI, Badeggi, July, 1981

4. C. Weber, K. Elemo, A. Awad, P. Chindo, V. Chude, Adeoti, A.Y.  A. and S. Oikeh, Constraints of Identifying Maize based systems: a methodology for on-farm monitoring. An IITA/IAR Cooperative Research.


Conference Papers

5. Adeoti, A.Y. A. (1983): Preliminary observations on leaf spot disease of kenaf (Hibiscus annabinus L.) at Mokwa. Presented at the 13th Annual Conference of Nigerian Society for Plant Protection (NSPP) held at Plant Quarantine Services, Ibadan 7 – 10 March 1983.

6. Adeoti, A.Y.A. (1986): Reaction of sorghum varieties to infestation byStrigahermonthica (Del) Benth in the Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria. Presented at 16th Annual Conf. of NSPP held at ABU, Zaria, March, 1986.

7. Adeoti, A.Y. A. and Emechebe, A.M. (1986): Effect of date of planting on the incidence and severity of Coniella leaf spot induced by Coniella mussaiaeusis B. Sutton. Presented at 2nd Annual Conference of BOSONheld at ABU, Zaria. 5th – 8th April, 1988.

8. Adeoti, A.Y. A. and Idem, N.U.A. (1988): Kenaf: A potential source of pulp for Nigerian Newsprint Industries. Presented at 2nd Annual Conference of Botanical Society of Nigeria (boson) held at ABU, Zaria. April 5 – 8, 1988.

9. Lagoke, S. T. O., Shebayan, J.A.Y., Adeoti, A.Y. A., Adu, I. Iwuafor, E.N.O.(1988): Evaluationand adaptation of improved packages for Integrated control of Striga on farmers’ field in Nigerian Savanna. Report presented to FAO, West African Coordinated Committee, Gambia December 1988.

10. Adeoti, A.Y. A. and Ogunlela, V. B. (1990): Aspect of kenaf processing,storage and utilization in Nigeria. Invited paper presented at the 1st National Workshop on kenaf production, processing, protection and utilization organized by Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Abuja at Kwara Hotels, Ilorin, December 3 – 8, 1990.

11. Adeoti, A.Y. A. and Emechebe, A. M. (1991): Effect of N, P, and K fertilizerson the development of Coneilla leaf spot and yield of kenaf,Hibiscus cannabinus presented at 5th Annual Conference of BOSON held at O.A.U., Ile-Ife, March 24 – 28.

12. Zarafi, A. B. and Adeoti, A.Y. A. (1994): Reaction of some millet cultivars to Downy mildew (Sclerospora gramminicola) diseases. Paper presented at the 23rd Annual Conference of NSPP held at University of Lagos May 1994.

13 Obagwu, J., A. M. Emechebe and Adeoti, A.Y. A., (1995): Cultural studies on collectotrichum capsici casual agent of Brown blotch disease of bambara nut. Paper presented at the 24th Annual Conference of NSPPheld at NRCRI, Umudike. May 28 – 31, 1995.

14. Adeoti, A.Y. A. (2001): Preliminary observations on the performance of long stapple cotton (Gossypium barbaclaiseli) under the high rain forest of Abeokuta.. Paper presented at the 29th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for plant protection. (NSPP) at University of Ilorin.

15. W. S. Japhet, D. N. I. Ortsuun, P. D. Katung and Adeoti, A.Y. A., (2001): Yield responses of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus. L.) to time of artificial defoliation. Paper presented at Biennal Conference of the African Crop. Science Society (Nigeria 2001) October 21 – 26, 2001.

16. Adeoti, A.Y. A.; AdegboyE, o. T. H. and Akinola, W. O. (2002): Effects of planting dates on the incidence and severity of leaf spot diseases of sorghum in Alabata. Paper presented at the 30th Annual Conference of NSPP held at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. September 1 – 4, 2002.

17. Adegboye, O. T. H., Osunlaja, S. O., Adeoti, A.Y. A.; and Olanite, J. A.(2002): Effects of crop mixture on the incidence and severity of Stalk Rot Disease of Maize (Zea mays) Caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tass.) conference of NSPP held at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. September 1 – 4, 2002.


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