Ajayi, O.A’s Conferences Attended

Published Refereed Conference Proceedings:

1. Ajayi O A 1986. Energy Saving in Cereal Grinding- A test case of a Hammer Mill. Pro. NSAE 10, 94-102

2.  Ajayi O A 1988. Performance Characteristics of a locally built Locust Bean Thresher. Proc. NSAE 12, 96-104.

Published non-refereed Conference Proceedings:

3.  (a.)  Ajayi O A: Criterion for selection of Storage systems
(b.) Ajayi O A: Storage Methods and Systems for Tuber crops:
Workshop on Processing, Handling and Storage of Agricultural Products, Jan. 21st – Feb 1st 1999. Conference Center, O A U, Ile-Ife

4. Ajayi O A : Management of Food Storage Facilities: Nigerian Society of Engineers’ Course on Design, Construction and Maintenance of Food Storage Systems. May 1-3, 1991: Engineering House, Lagos.

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