Ajayi, O.A’s Publications

1.    Thesis:
(i) O. A. Ajayi, “Design and Testing of a Cowpea Sheller”. B.Sc. Thesis, University of Ife, Nigeria.
(ii) O. A Ajayi, “Development of an Efficient Hammer Mill Based on Energy Studies of Maize Kernel Fracture”. Ph.D. Thesis, N.C.A.E., Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK

2.    Books and Monographs

3 (a) Published Articles:

i Ige, MT. and OA Ajayi: 1979. Development of a Low Cost Cowpea Sheller. The Nigerian Agricultural Journal Vol. 16, 32-39

ii. Ajayi, OA:1987. Development and Testing of a Hammer Mill with a closed circuit system of Grinding. J. Food Science. & Tech. Vol. 24 Jan./Feb. 

iii. Ajayi, OA and B.C. Clarke.1989  High Velocity Shearing of Maize Kernels. J. Agric. Engineering Research 42, 15-25. 

iv. Ajayi, O A and A B Agun:1989 “Effects of Parboiling on the quality Parameters of rice”. J. Food Sc. & Tech. 26(5) 245 – 247. 

v. Ajayi, O A & AU Madueke:1990 A study of weight loss of stored yam (d. Cayenensis) as affected by the ventilation of the Stored Locations J. of Sc. of Food and Agric. 50(2) 257-260.  

vi. Ajayi, O. A,1991 “Design of a Thresher for Locust Bean” Agric, Mech. in Asia, Africa and Latin America 22(3), 21-24.

vii Zibokere D.S. and Ajayi OA 1994. Effect of Corn moisture content on the performance of Hammer Mill and Plate Mill ; Ife J. of Tech 4(2) 15-22. 

viii. Faborode MO, J. Favier, O A Ajayi:1995 On the effects of forced air-drying on cocoa quality: J, of food Engng. 25, 455-472.  

ix. Ajayi O A and G T Lawal:1995 “Some Quality Indicators of Sawdust/Palm Oil Sludge Briquettes”: J. of Agric Engng and Tech, 3, 55-65  

x. Omobuwajo T. O. , M T Ige and O A Ajayi 1997 : Heat Transfer Between the Pressing Chamber and the Oil and Oilcake Streams during Screw Expeller Processing of Palm Kernel Seeds: J. of Food Engng. 31, 1-7  

xi Ajayi, O. A. and GT. Lawal:1997 Hygroscopic and Combustion characteristics of Sawdust briquette with Palm Oil Sludge as Binder. J. of Agric Engng and Tech, 5,29-36.  

xii. Ajayi, O A and B.C. Clarke.1997 “High Velocity Impact of Maize Kernels”. J. agric Engng Res. 67, 97-104  

xiii.  Ajayi O A, J A Osunbitan and O A Asaolu:1997 Development and Performance Evaluation of a Kerosene fuelled Incubator: Ife Journal of Agric, 1,7-15  

xiv T O Omobuwajo, M T Ige and O A Ajayi:1999  Theoretical Prediction of Extrusion Pressure and Oil Flow Rate During Expeller Processing of Palm Kernel Seeds; J. of Food Engng, 38, 469-485  

xv Kehinde A Taiwo, Adefemi J. Osunbitan, Tayo O Sunmonu, Michael O Ajayi and Obafemi O Ajibola. 2001  Technology Choice and Technical Capacity in Gari Production. Food Reviews Int.17(1),89-107 

xvi Faborode M O, R. R Dinrinfo and O A Ajayi.2001 A Proposed Rheological Model of the breaking of Cocoa pods. Ife J. of Tech. 10(2), 31- 39   

xvii. Odekunle O L and O A Ajayi 2006: Some Physical Properties of Melon Fruits (Cucumis melo L) related to Primary Processing: Ife Jour. of Tech 15,(4), 37-41 

xviii. Ajayi O A and O I Odekunle 2007: Mechanical characteristics of the Melon Fruit as it affects its breaking Properties: Ife Jour. of Tech 16, (1), 109 – 114

xix. Ajayi O A and O K Owolarafe 2007: Temperature Variation in a Sawdust Oven using different Wood Species. International Agrophysics: 21 (4), 311 – 316

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