Ayo-John, E.I’s Research

(i) Completed Research

  • Development of multiplex primer set for the detection of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) viruses and their management with botanicals
  • Evaluation of three botanicals for bio-efficacy against aphid vector population density and viral diseases of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)”
  • Effect of intercropping ginger, spring onion and sesame on the vectors, viral diseases and yield of pepper (Capsicum annuum).
  • Sequential arrangement of maize population on the vector, viral diseases and yield of okro (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench).
  • Epidemiological Assessment of pepper veinal mottle virus (PVMV) spread on growth and yield of three pepper (Capsicum annuum) cultivars.
  • Tomato-maize and or tomato-okra intercrop on the vector, viral diseases and yield of tomato cultivars.
  • Neem-oil application on the incidence and severity of Rice yellow mottle virus disease and yield of four rice cultivars.
  • Use of three botanicals for the management of viral diseases and improved yield of pepper.
  • Survey for virus diseases of Cucurbit crops in three states of southwest Nigeria.
  • Incidence and severity of virus symptoms on field-grown Tomato crops in Ogun State.
  • Detection of viruses affecting pepper plants in Ogun state
  • Distribution and Characterization of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) infecting Musa spp. in Southern Nigeria
  • Field evaluation of local and exotic cucurbit crops to viruses in humid transition zone of southwest Nigeria.
  • Evaluation of Improved cowpea varieties to viruses in a derived savanna agro-ecology.
  • Epidemiology of Tobamoviruses in soils and weeds in two states of southwest Nigeria
  • Evaluation of local and improved tomato cultivars to natural virus infection in a derived savanna zone.
  • Detection of viruses infecting 10 varieties of sweet potatoes grown in Abeokuta.
  • Responses of three tomato cultivars to Tomato mosaic virus in the Screenhouse.
  • Seed-borne viruses associated with field grown cowpea in the arid zone of Northern Nigeria
  • Molecular diversities of Cucumber mosaic virus isolates in Nigeria
  • Molecular characterization of mosaic and viruses infecting pawpaw in home orchards in Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Molecular diversities of Pepper veinal mottle virus isolates in Nigeria
  • Effect of single and mixed virus infections on pepper and tomato
  • Effect of Rice yellow mottle virus infection on four rice cultivars
  • Effect of viruses on the growth and yield of some tomato and pepper varieties

(ii) Research In Progress
a) Molecular characterization of Potyviruses infecting fruit vegetables in southwest Nigeria
b) Evaluation of botanicals for the management of cucurbit viruses
c) Evaluation of Neemforce® for control of tomato viruses
d) Cultural management of Okro viruses in a humid transition zone of southwest Nigeria
e) Epidemiology of Pepper veinal mottle virus.
f) Molecular Characterization of viruses infecting Morinda lucida ‘Eruwo’ and Cnidoscolus aconitifolius ‘Iyano paja’

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