Dipeolu, M.A: Courses Taught

* Undergraduate levels
Introduction to Veterinary Medicine, Meat, Milk and Fish Hygiene, Zoonoses and Environmental Health, Disease Distribution and Prevention, Computer Application in Veterinary Medicine, Organization and Regulation of Veterinary Services
* Postgraduate levels
Biostatistics in Veterinary Science, Advanced Meat Hygiene, Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Advances in Veterinary Public Health, Epizootiological Approach to Disease Investigation and Control, Veterinary Business and Management

* VCM 102 Introduction to Veterinary Medicine
* VCH 501: Meat, milk and fish hygiene
* VCH 502; Zoonoses and Environment Health
* VCH 601: Disease distribution and prevention
* VCH 602: Organization and Regulation of Veterinary Services
* VCH 603: Computer Application in Veterinary Medicine

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