Ajadi, A.T: Publications

1. Ajadi R.A; Aladesawe T.A Adewoye C.O., Oyemakinde B.O.(2001). Congenital rectovaginal defect and atresia ani in a four week old local puppy. A case report. Trop Vet 19 (2) 55-57.

2. Adetunji A; Ajadi R.A Aladesawe T.A (2001) A comparison of epidural anesthesia with lignocaine, Bupivacaine and lignocaine/Bupivacaine mixture in dogs. Isr. Journal of Vet. Med. 56(3) 85-89.

3. Ajadi R.A. Ajadi T.A; Nasir O. M. Abiade A.A. (2002). Case report of suspected hypertrophic osteodystrophy in a five-month-old female Alsatian. Trop Vet. 20(2) 96-100.

4. Ajadi, T.A; Ajadi, R.A; Agbaje, M; Abiade A.A. (2008). Cystic endometrial hyperplasia-pyometra complex in bitches: a report of three cases. Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery. 29: 2

Dissertation and Thesis
1. A comparison of Lignocaine, Bupivacaine and Lignocaine/Bupivacaine mixture for lumbosacral epidural anesthesia in dogs.

2. Evaluation of the effect of mucus of Achatina marginata on sperm morphology and bacteria counts in goat semen preservation (Awaiting oral defence)

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