EVENT:- DelPHE Evaluation Consultants Site Visits

DAY: APRIL 2, 2012

DelPHE Programme allocated funding to 200 projects across Africa and Asia, with all funding expected to be completed by 2013. Between now and next year, the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the British Council are embarking on a wide-reaching analysis of various aspects of the DelPHE programme, and will be drawing lessons on how any potential future version of the DelPHE programme might be designed.

To this end, ACU and the British Council have recruited a number of former Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows to work as Evaluation Consultants in a selected number of focus countries, including Nigeria. The role of the Evaluation Consultant is to meet with DelPHE Project Coordinators and to discuss various elements of DelPHE projects and Coordinators’ impressions and experiences of running a DelPHE project. The Evaluation Consultant will also meet with project partners and other stakeholders. The goal is to draft a summary of some of the trends between projects in Nigeria, to identify what has worked well, what can be strengthened, and how to facilitate further project support in future.

For FUNAAB/KNUST/DfID/British Council DelPHE 5 Project anchored in FUNAAB here, Dr. Kolawole Adebayo has been appointed by ACU and British Council as our Evaluation Consultant. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and has a particular interest in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. As a former Commonwealth Split-Site Scholar, Dr. Adebayo has valuable experience in interuniversity partnership, and has worked with a wide range of institutions across Nigeria in the past.

The project looks forward to meeting Dr. Kolawole Adebayo.

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