Olurode, S.A: Research

(i) Completed

  1. Effects of Season, Experimental Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma congolense infections on Reproduction in West African Dwarf Bucks
  2. Effects of PGF-2α and Progestagen on Estrus Synchronization in West African Dwarf (WAD) Ewes
  1. Evaluation of Scrotal Circumference and Spermiogram of West African Dwarf Bucks
  2. Histo-morphometric studies of the testes of West African Dwarf Bucks
  3. A survey of abnormalities of the genitalia of bulls slaughtered at the Lafenwa Abattoir, Abeokuta
  1. The effect of trypanosomosis on male reproduction of Wistar Albino rats.
  2. Reproductive wastages in cattle in Lafenwa Abattoir, Abeokuta, South-West, Nigeria.
  3. Andrological Studies and Testicular Pathology of West African Dwarf Goat

(ii) In progress

  1. Testicular dysfunction sequelae to systemic infections
  2. Trypanosomoses and endocrinological disorders in WAD bucks

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