Adebowale, O.O: Research

Research Interest: Antimicrobial resistant pattern and plasmid profile of shiga toxin producing Eschericia coli in Poultry, eggs and Poultry workers in Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria. (PhD Project.)

1. Adebowale, O.O., Kehinde, O.O., Oni, O.O., Adeleye, A.I., Akinduti, P.A., and Maniudor, M.I.A. : Effect of Hemophilus paragalinarum on blood parameters in table laying birds in a Commercial farm in Abeokuta.

2. Talabi, A.O., Oyekunle, M.A., Oni, O.O., Adebowale, O.O., Oyewusi, I.K., Olurode,S.A and Shonibare, A.O. : A suspected case of contagious Ecthyma in a West African Dwarf Goat.

3. Adebowale, O.O., Kehinde, O.O., Akinkuotu, O.A and Olukunle, J.O.Unwholesome practices by Butchers during meat processing at the Lafenwa Abattior: Public health implication.

4. Adebowale, O.O., Kehinde, O.O., Akinkuotu, O.A., Ojo, O.E and Akinduti, P.A.Microbiological quality and some physical parameters of different water sources to a Municipal Abattoir in Abeokuta.

5. Kehinde, O.O., Adebowale, O.O., Olaogun, O.M and Olukunle, J.O : Situation of Rabies in a South Western Nigeria: A retrospective study ( 1997-2007).

6. Kehinde,O.O., Adebowale, O.O., Ajayi, O.L., Akinloye, A.K and Olurode, S.A.:Dicephalus and Diporosopus Foetus; Gross and Radiological observations in WhiteFulani.

7. Ajayi, O.L., Oyewusi, I.K., Oyekunle, M.A.,Adebowale,O.O., Omotainse, S.O.,Olaniyi,M.O and Biobaku, K.T.: Enzootic Nasal Adenocarcinoma: Cytological and Clinicopathological Observations in a West African Dwarf Goat in Nigeria.

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