Kehinde, O.O: Publications

a. Kehinde, O. O. (1995). Serological Survey of Leptospirosis in Sheep and Goats in Oyo State. ( University of Ibadan, Oyo State. 45pp)

b. Kehinde, O.O. (2001). Parasites of Live Cat-Fish (Clarias gariepinus) on sale in Markets in Ibadan. (Master of Veterinary Public Health Dissertation, University of Ibadan, Oyo State. 60pp).

a. Otesile E B. Oyekunle M.A, Oni O.O., Adebowale O.O.,Kehinde O., Ojo E.O., Akinduti P.A[2008] Detection of Newcastle disease virus antigen and antibody in vaccinated and unvaccinated local chicken. Nig. Poult. Sci. journal.

On- Going Research Work
b. Kehinde, O.O., Ajayi,S.O., Adebowale,O.O., Olurode,S.A., Akinloye,A.K. Dicephalus and Diporospus foetus; Gross and radiological observations in white Fulani Breed of cattle.[completed]

c. Kehinde, O.O., Adebowale,O.O.,Martins S.O., Olukunle,O. [2009] Situation of Rabies in south-western Nigeria-a retrospective study.[completed].

d. Kehinde,O.O., Adebowale,O.O. Unwholesome practices by butchers during meat processing at Lafenwa abattoir Ogun State- Public health implications.[completed].

e. Adebowale,O.O., Kehinde,O.O., Akinkuotu,O.A. Microbiological quality and some physical parameters of different water used at a municipal abattoir in Abeokuta, Nigeria.[completed]

f. Fasanmi,O.G., Olukole,S.G .,Kehinde,O.O. Microbial studies of table scrapings from meat stalls in Ibadan metropolis,Nigeria:implications on meat hygiene[in press].

Conference Proceedings
Talabi, A. O., Oyekunle, M. A., Ademola, I. O., Oni, O. O., Kehinde, O. O., Biobaku, K. T., Olusanya, T. P. and Ajibola, O. A.: Prevalence of tick infesting in Ijebu Division of Ogun State.

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