Ajala, M.O’s Publications

Thesis and Dissertations

  • Ajala, M O (1976).  Price Movement of Stable Food Items in Western State.  Unpublished B.Sc.  Thesis, University of Ife, Nigeria.
  • Ajala, M O (1982)  An investigation of the susceptibility of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata,L.) seed to impact damage at different moisture contents.  Unpublished M.Sc.  Thesis University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • Ajala, M O (1988).  Physiological Quality of Stored Seeds, Environmental Effects and Chemical  Regulation, Unpublished Ph.D.  Thesis, University of  Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.
  • Theses Supervision:  Supervised 1 Ph. D,  4 Dissertations. and 34 undergraduate projects. External Examiner to HND Projects at Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) External Examiner to an M Tech (Agric) at Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.


Learned Journals


  • Ajala, M O 1995.  Susceptibility of Cowpea seeds to impact damage at different moisture contents.  Nigerian Agric. Journal 28: 34-46
  • Ajala, M O and N O Adedipe 1999.  Temporal Variations in Seedling Vigour and Total Mineral Contents of Corn and Rice Seeds During Storage Nigerian Jour. of Science 33(1):13- 20
  • Ajala, M O and N O Adedipe. 2000.  Effects of  minerals and hormones on viability and seedling growth of deteriorated soybean and rice seeds.  Nigerian Jour. of Science 34(4) 99-304.
  • Adebisi, M A and M O Ajala.  2000.  Effect of  seed dressing chemicals  and period of storage on soybean seed vigour. Jour. Trop. Forest Resources 16(1):126- 135
  • Ojo, D K ;R H Ellis and M O Ajala.2001. Effect of time of harvest on seed germination and capacity for seedling emergence in tropical soybean genotypes.  Moor Jour. of Agric.  Research 2: 8 – 14.
  • Ajala, M O. 2003.  Influence of seed quality attributes on field emergence of pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan, L.) and winged beans (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, L.) Trop.Agric. (Trinidad) 80 (2):118-122.
  • Ajala, M O ;N O Adedipe and D K Ojo. 2003 .The effect of Zinc on the viability and seedling growth of deteriorated soybean and rice seeds.  Nig.Jour. of Ecology  5: 34-38.
  • Ajala, M O , M A  Adebisi and D K Ojo. 2003. Effect of moisture content, genotype and storage period on seed quality of thiram-treated maize seeds . Nig. Jour of Ecology  5: 21-27
  • Ajala, M O , M A Adebisi and O A Akingbogun. 2003.Variability for seedling  vigour in tropical cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata, L.)  Moor Jour. of Agric. Research 4  (1): 54-59.
  • Daniel, I O and Ajala, M O .2003. A model for implementing computer data base systems  from maize variety  performance data sets in Nigeria. ASSET Series A  3 (4) :91-99
  • Adebisi, M A ; M O Ajala and N.O Rasaki. 2003. Comparison of laboratory  seed vigour tests with field performance in Sesame (Sesamum indicum, L) Jour. Trop. For.  Resources 19 (3): 71 -84.
  • Ajala, M O and M A Adebisi 2004.  Effects  of storage on the viability of  treated seeds of some soybean cultivars. Nig. Journal of Ecology 6: 1-6
  • Adebisi, M A , I  O Daniel and  M O Ajala. 2004:  Storage life of soyabean  (Glycine max.,L.) seeds after seed dressing. Journal of Tropical Agric. 42 (1&2): 3-7.
  • Adeniji, O T. M O Ajala,  O B Kehinde, and T A O.Ladeinde,. 2004. Combining ability and genetic  effects of seed yield in West African okra (Abelmoschus caillei (A.  chev) Stevels. Jour of Genetics and Breeding 58: 301-304
  • Ajala M O , T. A. Shokoya and I. O. Daniel. 2005. Effect of moisture content on the storage of treated seed of soybean (Glycine max. L) varieties. ASSET Series A 5 (1): 167-178
  • Adebisi, M A; M. O. Ajala,;. D. K. Ojo, and A. W. Salau. 2005. Influence of population density and season  on seed yield and yield components in Nigerian sesame genotypes. Journal of Tropical Agric.43(1-2):13-18. (Abstract)
  • Ajala , M O ; M. A. Adebisi and K. O. Fasan,.2005.  Presowing treatment for improving seed quality in West African rice (O. sativa, L.) varieties  I. Seed germination and Vigor. Nigerian Agric. Journal. 37 : 133-142
  • Adebisi, M A; M. O. Ajala; I. O. Daniel  and K. O. Fasan. 2005. Presowing treatment for improving seed quality in West African rice (O. sativa, L.) varieties II. Seedling emergence and  seedling growth. Nigerian Agric. Journal. 37: 159-167
  • Daniel, I O and M. O. Ajala .2006.  Probit modeling  of seed physiological  deterioration in humid tropical seed stores. ASSET Series A, 6 (1):47-53 .
  • Ojo, D. K; O. A. Omikunle,  O. A,  Oduwaye,  ; M. O. Ajala, and S. A. Ogunbayo,.2006. Heritability, character correlation and path- coefficient analysis among six inbred lines of maize  ( Zea mays L).World Journal of Agric. Sciences 2 (3) :352-358.
  • Adebisi, M A; M. O. Ajala;  O. J. Ariyo, and T. O. Adeniji, 2006. Genetic studies on seed quality in sesame (Sesamum indicum, L).Trop. Agric. (Trinidad) 83 (1): 11-16.
  • Adebisi  M. A. and M. O. Ajala. 2006. Performance and stability of seed yield in rain-fed sesame (Sesamum indicum, L) genotypes as influenced by plant population density. Tropical Agric. (Trinidad) 83 (2): 47-53.
  • Ajala, M. O and O. O. Ajani,. 2007. Variation in fruit yield and correlations between seed quality  components and fruit yield of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill).Tanzanian Jour. of Agric  Science (TAJAS) Vol.8 (2): 115- 126
  • Adebisi, M. A. and  M. O. Ajala. 2007.Effects of genotypes and seed production environments  on seed quality of sesame (Sesamum indicum, L).Tanzanian Jour of Agricultural  Sciences (TAJAS)  8 (2): 87-102
  • Okelola, F. S.; M. A.  Adebisi; O. B. Kehinde, and M. O. Ajala.  2007, Genotypic And Phenotypic Variability For Seed Vigour Traits And Seed Yield In West African Rice ( Oryza sativa L) Genotypes. Jour. of American Science 3 (3): 34-41.
  • Adeniji, O. T. ; O. B. Kehinde ; M O Ajala, and M A Adebisi..2007.Genetic studies on seed  yield of West African  okra { Abelmoschus caillei (A. Chev.) Stevels.  Journal of Tropical  Agriculture 45 (1–2): 36-41. (Abstract)
  • Oyekale, K. O. ; I. O.  Daniel ; A.Y. Kamara; D. C. A,  Akintobi ;  A E Adegbite and M O Ajala. 2008.Evaluation of tropical maize hybrids under drought stress. Jour Food, Agric and Extension,  JFAE  Vol. 6 (2): 312 – 136
  • Adebisi, M A; T A Adeniyi; M O Ajala and D C Akintobi. 2008. Varietal differences in seed physiological quality of West African rice varieties after dry heat treatment. Nigerian Agric. Journal 39 (2): 159-169.
  • Daniel, I O ; K O Oyekale; M O Ajala; L O Sanni  and M A O Okelana. 2009. Physiological quality of maize (Zea mays L) seed stored with silica gel. African Jour. of Biotechnology 8(2): 181-186.


Technical Reports


  • Ajala, M O 1985. `Seed drying and moisture content determination`.  Summary of lecture/practicals delivered on a short course in Seed Technology Organized by IITA/IBPGR (1983)
  • Ajala, M O 1991.  Importance of moisture content determination in  maintaining good seed quality.  Paper presented at a workshop on `Seed Certification and Quality Control` organized by National Seed Service (NSS), Ibadan from 9th – 13th December, 1991.
  • Ajala, M O 1991.  `Principles and Procedures of purity analysis`.  Paper presented at a workshop on Seed Certification and Quality Control organized by National Seed Service (NSS), Ibadan from 9th – 13th December, 1991.
  • Ajala, M O 1994, `Post Harvest Handling of Seeds.  Lecture delivered at a workshop on contract seed production.  Organized by Ogun State Agric. Development Project (OGADEP).  On 31st March, 1994.
  • Ajala, M O 1983.  `Testing seeds for germination`.  Summary of lecture notes delivered on a short training course in Gene Bank Management and Seed Technology Organized by IITA\IBPGR (1983).
  • Ajala, M O 1990.  Establishment of  Extension Villages by UNAAB:  A means of reaching farmers through improved seed supply. Report submitted for deliberation at the meeting of UNAAB\National Rice and Maize Centre (NRMC)\National Seed Service (NSS), Ibadan held on 21st – 22nd Jan., 1990 at Moor Plantation, Ibadan.
  • Ajala, M O 1990.  Report on the Crop Mix of Ogun State, Relative Land Area under cultivation, production and yield.  `Submitted to the College on February 12th, 1990.
  • Ajala, M O 1992.  `Seed Certification Development`  Paper presented at National Seed Workshop on `Strategies for Seed Industry Development in Nigeria` held at Durbar Hotel, Kaduna from 24th – 27th Nov. 1992.
  • Ajala, M O 1992.  Report on `Good Quality Foundation Seed` on an `ad hoc` basis for the NSS on UNAAB`s 13ha farm, cultivated for maize, rice and cowpea in 1992.
  • Ajala, M O 1993.  Essentials of Quality Control Measure for Higher Profitability in Seed Enterprises`.  Lecture delivered at a course on `Seed Enterprises Management and  Marketing`.  Organized by National Seed Service (NSS), Ibadan from 31st October to 6th November, 1993.
  • k. Ajala, M O 1994.  Preparation of College Proposal for Lome IV.  Convention.

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