Akintobi, D.C’s Research


  • Akintobi, D. C. A. and Ajani, O. O. The effect of plant oil on maintenance of viability and vigour in sesame seed (Sesamum indicum L.) (In press)
  • Akintobi, D. C. A. 2006. Assessment of the resistance of Podwall of cowpeas to bruchid. The Nigerian Agricultural Journal Vol. 37.
  • Akintobi, D. C. A. and Adebisi, M. A. 2006. Effect of location on cowpea seed yield. Ogun Journal of Agriculture.
  • Ola, J. A., Akintobi, D. C. A. and Adebisi, M. A. 2006. Storage behaviour of sesame seeds under humid tropical conditions. ASSET Journal (In press).
  • Akintobi, D. C. A. and Salau, A. W. 2006. Measurement of cowpea testa resistance to bruchid infestation using natural infestation method.



  • Sex determination and effect of storage on viability and vigour of fluted Pumpkin (Telfeiria occidentalis Hook. F) Seeds.
  • Effects of some pre-germination treatments on Teak (Tectonia grandis) seeds.
  • The effect of growth hormone on the Rapid multiplication of Gmelina seedlings.
  • Evaluation of sweet potato lines.

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