Joseph-Adekunle, T.T’s Publications

  • Effects of fertilizer applications on the growth and yield of pepper cultivars under field conditions (Tests of  Agrochemicals Vol. 25).
  • Response of Chili pepper varieties of N.P.K. 15-15-15 fertilizer in south western Nigeria (In press)
  • Effect of poultry manure on early growth of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis var. Flavicarpa). Paper represented at the  20th Annual conference of National Horticultural Society of Nigeria (HORTSON) May 14 – 17, 2002 at NIHORT,  Ibadan, Nigeria.
  • Response of yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis var F. Flavicarpa) to organomineral fertilizer in an alfisol in South  Western Nigeria. A Paper presented at 26th Annual Conference of National Horticultural Society of Nigeria  (HORTSON) October 26 – 30 , 2008
  • Passion for passion fruit. An Article published in Hortmagazine. A publication of Horticultural Society on Nigeria  (HORTSON) No. 6, Vol. 1, October 2008. Pp. 20 – 21.
  • Influence of Poultry manure and pruning of growth of yellow passion fruit. A Paper presented at the 4th Annual  Conference of Organic Agriculture in tertiary Institution in Nigeria (OAPTIN) and 1st West African Summit on  Organic Agriculture. November 17 – 21, 2008 at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
  • Prevalence, Use and valuation of spices in south western Nigeria. A Paper presented at the 1st national  Stakeholders workshop on spice held at National Horticultural research institute, Ibadan. December 1 – 4,  2008. Response of yellow passion fruits to fertilizer application (in Press

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