Martins, O: Publications


– Geological field mapping of the Jurassic, NE Bavaria Plateau, Germany, M.Sc. Project, Geological Institute, Ruhr-University-Bochum, 1976.(in German).

– Petrography of selected rock samples of the Ruhr Carboniferrous, M.Sc. Thesis, Geological Institute, Ruhr-University, Bochum,1976 ( in German ).

– Hydrogeological and geochemical studies of miocene aquifer in the Archachon basin. DESS Thesis, Institute of Geodynamics, University of Bordeaux III, France, 1979 (in French).

– Inorganic and organic Geochemistry of the Niger river during 1980/1981 hydrological year, Ph.D Thesis, University of Hamburg, Germany, February, 1983.

Chapter in book

– Martins,O. & Probst, J.-L. , 1991. Biogeochemistry of African rivers. Carbon and mineral transport. In: Biogeochemistry of major world rivers. (Eds. E.T.Degens, S. Kempe, & J.E. Richey )- SCOPE 42, 129-157, John Wiley Publ., New York.

Journal articles

1. Martins,O.,1982 – Geochemistry of the Niger river. Mittl. Geol.- Paläont. Inst.Univ. Hamb., 52, 397-41

2. Martins,O.,1983- Transport of carbon in the niger river. Mittl. Geol.-Paläont.Inst. Univ. Hamb, 55,435-449

3. Ittekkot, V., Martins,O., Seifert, R.,1983 -Nitrogenous organic matter transport by major world rivers. Mittl. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamb, 55. 119-127

4. Martins, O., 1988 – Solute concentrations in the lower Niger river and source rock contribution. J. Hydrol. Processes, 2/1, 19 30.

5. Martins, O., 1988- Flux of particulate inorganic matter through the Niger river into the Atlantic Ocean. Netherlands J. of Sea Research.,22(2),91-97.

6. Martins, O., 1987- The Ogun river-Geochemical characteristics of a small drainage basin. . Mittl. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamb, 64,475- 482

7. Martins,O. & Nurudeen, S.I., 1988 – Hydrology and geochemistry of Kainji lake ,a reappraisal , . Mittl. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamb, 66, 159- 164

8. Martins,O. & Olofin, E.A, 1992 – Environmental impact of man -made lakes on river physico-chemical systems. Case studies of Nigeria. Mittl. Geol.-Paläont. Inst. Univ. Hamb, 72, 113- 121.

9. Bammeke, B.O. & Martins, O. 1993 – Statistical interpretation of geochemical data from streams in the Egbe area of south-western Nigeria. Nig. J. of Science,27, 151-162

10. Olofin, E.A. & Martins,O., 1993 – Dams and reservoirs.- destabilisation of some physical and chemical elements of selected Nigerian drainage basins.Nig. J. Water Resources, 1/2, 90 -105

11. Martins, O. & Bammeke, B.O.,1998. Aspects of the biogeochemistry of African wetlands. Int. J. Environm. Educ. & Inform.(UK), 17/2,147-156.

12.  Martins, O. & Awokola, O.S. 1996. – Total dissolved solids of selected rivers in south-west Nigeria. Nig. J. Mining & Geology,32/2, 113-119.

13. Martins, O & Bello, N. J., 1997. An assessment of surface water quality for gardening irrigation in Abeokuta, southwestern Nigeria – Nig. J. Science,31/2,151-158.

14. Awokola, O.S. & Martins, O. 1997, Use of hydraullic parameters in estimating erosion rate. A case study of Ogburu gully, Ilaro, Ogun State. J. Nig. Society of Engineers, Technical Transactions, 31/4.,76-80.

15. Martins, O., Ajayi, O. & Idowu, O.A., 1997- Factors influencing yields of boreholes in the Basement Complex aquifers. An example of Ogun State. Nig. J. Science,

16.  Idowu, O.A., Ajayi, O. & Martins, O. 1999.- Occurrence of groundwater in parts of Dahomey basin, southwestern Nigeria. Nig. J. Mining and Geology,35/2,229-236.

17. Adedire,M.O., Bolaji,G.A. & O.Martins, 2000.- Effects of deforestation on water quality and sedimentation. The Nigerian experience. J. Tropical Forest Resources,16/1,20-29

18. Awokola,O.S. and Martins,O. 2001- Regional flood frequency Analysis for Osun Drainage Basin, Southwestern Nigeria. Nigeria Journal of Science,35/1,37-44.

19. O.Martins, O.S. Awokola,G.A. Bolaji & O.A.Idowu 2001 Input of solutes and sediments from rivers into a Tropical Coastal area, South-west Nigeria. Nig.Journal of Science,35

20. O. Martins, 2002 – The Nigerian inland waterways drainage system- Hydrological and geochemical considerations. In: A.C.Ibe,C.N. Ukwe and P.C. Nwilo (Eds.)Strategies for the management of pollution and sedimentation in the Nigerian Inland waterways.P.11-21.

21. O.Martins & W.Salomons, 2002 Dissolved and particulate load of African rivers – An overview. LOICZ Reports and Studies, No. 25,97-103.

22. Idowu, O.A., O.Martins, & M.A. Adetona, 2005 – Shallow aquifer characteristics in a tropical crystalline environmental case study of Abeokuta city, southwestern Nigeria. ASSET Series 5(1),109-119

23. G.O. Oluwasanya and O.Martins, 2006 – Assessment of heavy metals in groundwater.Case study of Ogun State,Southern Nigeria. ASSET Series 6(1) 309-321

24. F.K. Salako,P.O.Dada,C.O.Adejuyigbe,M.O. Adedire,O.Martins, et al., 2007 – oil strength and maize yield after topsoil removal and application of nutrient amendments on a gravelly Alfisol toposequence. Soil and Tillage Research,94, 21-35

25. Ikenweiwe,N.B.,Otubusin,S.O.& Martins,O.-2007. Interrelationship between some physico-chemical and biological variables in Oyan lake,southwest Nigeria. Applied Tropical Agriculture,12/1&2,114-120.

26. Martins, O. 1978 Fluctuation of piezometric levels in the Chad basin. Internal Report of Federal Department of Water Resources,1-9.

27. Martins, O. 1980. State of hydrological network in major drainage basins of Niger and Kwara states. Internal Report of Federal Department of Water Resources, 5 pp.

28. Martins, O. 1981 Design of automatic water recording stations in parts of Kwara state. Internal Report of Federal Department of Water Resources, 2 pp.

29. Martins, O. 1983 Geological control of borehole yields in the Basement Complex area of Oyo state. Internal Report of Federal Department of Water Resources, 1-5.

30. Martins, O. 1992 Effect of chemical treatment of water hyacinth on the qality of the aquatic environment. Contribution to a study on herbicidal control of water hyacinth in Ere fishing village,Ado-Odo LGA, Ogun State, 39-47.

31. Martins, O. 1993. Water quality analyses and interpretation of Zobe dam. Technical report on environmental impact assessment study of the Zobe dam irrigation project, Sokoto-Rima River Basin Dev. Authority, 33-47.

32. Martins, O. 1993 Reconnaisance survey on the potentiality of fadama for small-scale irrigation in Ondo State. Technical report on surface and groundwater studies submitted to Ondo State Agricultural Development Project (ADP), 12pp.

33. Martins,O. 1984 Rates of mechanical erosion in an Afrivan savanna river. Proc. 4th Congress APD-TAHR, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 1 –15

34. Martins, O. 1985 Partial pressure of CO2 in tropical ecosystems. Paper presented at the WMO conference on Assessment of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in climate variation and associated impacts ( Villach, Austria, 1985 )

35. Martins, O. & Oyebande, L. 1988 Effect of water quality and sedimentation on soil erosion. Proc. National workshop on ecological disasters in Nigeria, Owerri, September, 1986, 229 –237.

36.  Martins,O. 1992 Exploitation of groundwater resource in south-west Nigeria – successes, failures and future perspectives. Paper presented at Federal Agricultural Coordination Unit (FACU) Workshop, Ilorin, Nigeria, April 27 to May 2, 1992, 3 pp.

37.  Martins,O. 1992 Elements of surface hydrology in relation to fadama development. Paper presented at Federal Agricultural Coordination Unit (FACU) Workshop, Ilorin, Nigeria, April 27 to May 2, 1992, 14 pp.

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