Olosunde, O.M’s Publications

  • Olosunde, O.M. 2007. Rapid leaf area measurement for Queen of the Philippines (Mussaenda philippica  A.Rich). ASSET; Series A Volume 7(1)152-158.
  • Olosunde,O.M,  Olasantan, F.O and Olubode, O.O. 2008. Effects of Growth Media on Rooting of Queen of the Philippines (Mussaenda philippica A.Rich). The Nigerian Journal of Horticultural Science: Vol. 13 pp.68-74
  • Olosunde,O.M and  Olasantan, F.O.2009. Rooting of Queen of the Philippines (Mussaenda philippica A.Rich ) under IBA stimulation. MOOR Journal of Agricultural Research (In press)
  • Bodunde, J. G., Olosunde, O.M and Oluwanusi, M.O. 2009. Influence of NPK fertilizer on growth and yield of roselle varieties (Hibiscus sabdariffa L) in a rain forest agro-ecological zone of Nigeria. 44th Annual Conference of Science Association of Nigeria, Ibadan 2009(In press)

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