Otesile, E.B: Awards Received

Scholarships and Prizes (In Respect of Undergraduate Work at the University of Ibadan).

(i) Federal Government National Award (Scholarship), 1971/72 session.

For outstanding academic performance in the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry & Veterinary Medicine at the 200 level of study (Utilized 1972 to 1976).

(ii) Department of Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology Prize, 1973/74 session. For the best result in the Pre-Clinical phase of the DVM programme.

(iii) Department of Veterinary Pathology Prize 1974/75 session.For the best result in the Para-Clinical phase of the DVM programme.

(iv) Coomasie Prize, 1975/76 session. For the highest marks in the DVM degree final examinations.

(v) Faculty Prize, 1975/76 session (for best graduating student).

(vi) NUPEMECO Prize, 1975/76 session (for the best all-round student in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine).

Other Honours:

• 2008 Distinguished Alumnus Award, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

• Distinguished Veterinarian Award, Ogun State branch of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2008.

• Father of COLVET Award, Association of Veterinary Medicine Students, University of Agriculture Abeokuta, 2008.

• Recognized by the University of Ibadan as one of the 50 most renowned products of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, during the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the University in 1998.


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