Adebisi, M.A’s Publications


Thesis and Dissertation

  • Adebisi, M. A. 1994.  Plant characters correlation in soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill). Unpublished B. Agric. Project, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria
  • Adebisi, M. A. 1999.  Effect of chemical seed treatments on the viability and vigour of soybean cultivars. Unpublished M. Agric Thesis, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.
  • Adebisi, M. A. 2004. Variation, stability and correlation studies in seed quality and yield characters of sesame. Unpublished Ph.D Thesis, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Nigeria.


Learned Journals


  • Adebisi, M. A. and Ajala, M. O. 2000.  Effect of seed dressing chemicals and period of storage on soybean seed vigour.  Journal of Tropical Forest Resources 16 (1): 126 –135.
  • Ojo, D. K., Ariyo, O. J., Adebisi, M. A. and Kehinde, O. B. 2001. Inheritance of superior seed longevity in tropical soybean (Glycine max L. Merr). Nigerian Journal of Ecology. 3: 19-23
  • Adebisi, M. A. and Ojo, D. K. 2001.  Effect of genotypes on soybean seed quality development  under West African rain-fed conditions.  Pertanika Journal of Tropical Agric. Sci.  24 (2): 139-145.
  • Adebisi, M. A., Salau, A. W. and Sosanya, O. S. 2002.  Effect of growth regulations on growth and seed yield of maize (Zea mays) under tropical rain-fed condition.  Moor Journal of Agric Research 3 (1):  30-36.
  • Akintobi, D. A.C., Adebisi M. A.  and Ojo D. K. 2002.  Multivariate analysis of phenetic similarity among cowpea genotypes in different agro-ecological zones.  Nigerian Journal of Ecology: 4(1) 18-23.
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  • Adebisi, M. A., Ajala, M. O. and Rasaki, N. O. 2003.  Comparison of laboratory seed vigour test with field performance in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.). Journal of Tropical Forest Resources 19 (3): 21 – 33
  • Ajala, M. O., Adebisi M. A. and Akingbogun, D. A., 2003.  Variability for seedling vigour in tropical cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp)  Moor Journal of Agric. Research 4(1): 54-59.
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  • Akintobi, D. C.A, Ola, J. A. and Adebisi, M. A.. 2006.  Effects of genotype, storage container and period of storage on the maintenance of viability and vigour of sesame seeds.  ASSET Journal  Series A. (6): 2: 55-64.
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  • Adebisi, M. A..  Stability analysis of seed quality of sesame genotypes as influenced by plant population density. Nature and Science ((In Press))
  • Okelola, F. S., Adebisi, M. A. and Ajala, M. O.. Multivariate analysis of variations in seed vigour traits In West African rice.  Tropical Agric. (Trinidad)  (In Press)).
  • Adebisi, M. A., Raheem, A., Akintobi, D. C. A and Ilori, I. F.  Effect of crude plant materials on the maintenance of viability and vigour of siored okro seeds under ambient conditions. Moor Journal of Agric. Research ((In Press)
  • Adebisi, M. A. 2008. Multivariate assessment of variations in seed yield and quality characters of  sesame. TROPICULTURA ( In Press).
  • Adebisi, M. A. Okelola, F. S. and Ajala,M. O.Analyses of inter-relationship between seed vigour traits and field performance in interspecific nerica rice (oryza sativa l.) genotypes. East African Journal of Agric, Ethiopia (in press)

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