Adegbite, D.A’s Research

(i) UNAAB/NCRP/NARP: Women’s Contributions to family farming in Ogun and Osun States 1996-2000

(ii) UNAAB/NARP: Towards technology transfer of Trellis method of Yam staking And Woodlot

establishment in selected UNAAB Extension villages. 1997-1999

(iii) Performance of soyabean in Cassava/Maize mixed cropping system of varying Ecological zones in OgunState. 1998-2000

(iv) Effects of Salts on the growth and performance of Ruminants in the UNAAB Extension Village. 1999-2001

(v) Base-line and Reconnaissance Survey of selected Extension villages 2001-2002

(vi) Impact of AMREC Extension Services on Farmers’ Productivity 2003

(vii) Institutional Experience in the Adoption of Agro-chemicals by Farmers:

The Case Of UNAAB Extension Approach 2004-2005

(vii) Feasibility of Private Integrated Extension Services in Ogun State, Nigeria 2004

(viii) Improving Agricultural Extension Services through University Outreach Initiatives:

A Case of Farmers in model Villages, Ogun State Nigeria. 2005-2006

(ix) Farmers’ Participation and involvement in Soyabean production in South-west Nigeria 2004-2007

(x) Performance Evaluation of Fadama Development Project, Phase II in Ogun State :

A Case of Owode LGA Users’ Association 2006-2007

(xi) Analysis of Informal Credit Operations among farmers in ATISBO Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria. 2006

(xii) Performance Evaluation of Ogun State Agricultural and Multi-purpose Credit Agency (OSAMCA),2004-2006, 2007

(xiii) Analysis of Cassava Farmers’ Access to formal sources of Micro-credit in Iddo Local Government Area of Oyo State. 2007

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