Adewuyi, S.A: Conferences Attended

Workshop papers

1. S. A Adewuyi (2004) Multi factor Productivity Measurement in Rice Production .A paper presented at a national workshop Organised by the National Productivity Centre, Abuja on 14th-17th December, 2004

2 Okuneye, P.A, Adewuyi S.A, Ayinde I.A and Ashaolu .O.F(2005) The Impact of Socio-economic, Physical and Technology Environment on the Nigerian Agriculture. A paper presented at the conference of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists

3. S. A Adewuyi (2006) Decent work- Safe work; Statistical Perspective. A paper presented at a World Day for safety, and Health at work organised by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Ogun State Office, Abeokuta on 26th April ,2006.

4. S. A Adewuyi (2006) Globalization: Implications For Enhanced Food Production in Ogun State. A paper Presented at a-2day Work shop on Fostering Effective Agricultural Food Production Management in Ogun. State organised by the bureau of Establishment and training on 30th -31st March,2006

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