Sowande, O. S: Courses Taught

Course Title Course Code Unit
Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animal APH201/ANP201 3
Introduction to Animal Agriculture APH202 3
Ruminant Animal Production and Husbandry APH301 3
Entrepreneurial Skill in Animal Agriculture ANS303 2
Livestock Diseases and Control APH403 3
Livestock Production Practices FPY406 5
Dairy Production APH506 3
Beef Animal Production APH509 2
Sheep and Goat Production Enterprise APH701 2
Small Ruminant Fattening APH707 2
Sheep and Goat Production APH802 3
Beef Cattle Production System APH803 3
Housing and Management of Farm Animals APH807 3
Animal Traction APH809 3

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