Sowande, O. S: Research

(A) In progress

  1. Response of growing and pregnant West African dwarf goats to different levels of DHA rich Algae biomass.
  2. Growth/reproductive performance and oxidative stress status of growing and pregnant West African dwarf goats fed diet containing different levels of Selenium, Vitamins C and E or their combinations
  3. Effect of diets supplemented with different copper sources (Conventional, Organic and Nano Cu) on the growth performance and oxidative stress biomarkers in West African dwarf goats.

(B) Completed

  1. Response of West African dwarf goats to raw and fermented malted sorghum sprout.
  2. Performance characteristics and blood profile of goats reared under two on-farm management systems.
  3. Efficacy of Newbouldia Iaevis extract and nutrient density on gastrointestinal nematode in sheep managed semi-intensively.
  4. Effect of feed quality restriction on pregnancy, litter size and postpartum performance in WAD goat.

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