Adeyemi O. A: Research

a. Research Completed

1.         Cassava and cassava wastes products in the nutrition of non-ruminant animals with or without enhancement and supplementation.

2.         Improving the nutritional value of cassava root meal by microbial fermentation

3.          The impact of stocking density, litter type and depth on the performance and welfare of broiler chickens in a humid tropical environment

4.         Survey of poultry wastes management in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

5.         Effects of feed access time and re – alimentation on the performance of growing rabbits

6.       Comparative effects of intensive and semi-Intesive management systems on bacteria load in broiler chickens.

7.         Effects of duration and level of feed restriction on performance and meat quality of Marshall broiler chickens.

b.  Research in Progress

1.         Response of non ruminant animals to time limited feeding of mash or pellet feed

2.         Manipulations of livestock environment for optimizing productivity

3.         Studies on some novel feed resources

4.         Investigations on the ameliorative effect of some nutritional supplements on animals  subjected to feed restrictions

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