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  • Daniel, I. O. (1989). Effect of storage temperature on viability and vigour of several crop seeds. University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp. 40. B. Sc. Dissertation.
  • Daniel, I. O. (1992). Effect of sulphur nutrition on growth, yield and seed quality of two varieties of soybean (Glycine max L. Merril). University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp. 73. M. Sc. Thesis
  • Daniel, I. O. (1997). Conservation of West African yam (Dioscorea spp.) germplasm: Physiology of seed and pollen storage, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Pp. 148. Ph.D. thesis

In Learned Journals

  • Daniel, I. O., Ng, N. Q., Tayo, T. O., Togun, A. O. (1998). Conservation of West African yam biodiversity: Seed preservation. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources. 14 (1): 32-37.
  • Daniel, I. O., Ng, N. Q., Tayo, T. O., Togun, A. O. (1999). West African yam seeds stored under cold and desiccated conditions are orthodox. Seed Science and Technology. Switzerland, 27: 969-975.
  • Daniel, I. O., Ng, N. Q., Tayo, T. O., Togun, A. O. (2002). Wet-cold preservation of West African yam (Dioscorea spp.) pollen. Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Cambridge. 138: 57-62.
  • Babayemi, O. J., Daniel, I. O., Bamikole, M. A., Ogungbesan, A., Oduguwa B. O. (2003). Preliminary studies on Tephrosia species: Effect of seed treatments on germination. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production. 30 (2): 209-216.
  • Babayemi, O. J., M. A. Bamikole, I. O. Daniel, A. Ogungbesan, A. Babatunde (2002). Growth, nutritive value and dry matter degradability of three tephrosia species. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production. 29(2), 199-206.
  • Daniel, I. O. and Ajala, M. O. (2003). Developing a database model for maize variety in Nigeria. Moor Journal of Agricultural Research 4 (1): 78-84.
  • Daniel, I. O. (2003). Provisional constants for predicting viability of yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.) seeds under simulated tropical storage conditions. African Journal of Tropical Root Crops 5 (2): 35-38.
  • Daniel, I. O., Ng, N. Q., Tayo, T. O., Togun, A. O. (2003). Storage of West African yam (Dioscorea spp.) seeds: modelling seed survival under controlled storage environments. Seed Science and Technology, 31: 139-147. (Abstract)
  • Adebisi, M. A., Daniel, I. O. and Ajala, M. O. (2004). Storage life of soybean (Glycine max ) seeds after seed dressing. Journal of Tropical Agriculture, Kerala, India  4(2): 3-7.
  • Daniel, I. O. and Adetumbi, J. A. (2004). Seed supply system for vegetable production at smallholder farms in South Western Nigeria. Euphytica 140: 189-196. (Abstract)
  • Ajala, M. O., Shokoya, T. A. and Daniel, I. O. (2005). The effect of moisture content on the storage of treated seeds of soybeans (Glycine max (L) Merril) varieties. ASSET A5(1): 167-178.
  • Adebisi, M. A., Ajala, M. O., Daniel, I. O. and Fasan. K. O. (2006). Pre-sowing treatment for improving seed quality in West-African rice varieties II. Seedling emergence and seedling growth. Nigerian Agric. Journal. 37: 159-167.
  • Daniel, I. O. and Ajala, M. O. (2006). Probit modeling of seed physiological deterioration in humid tropical seed stores. ASSET A6(1): 47-53.
  • Daniel, I. O. and Adetumbi, J. A. (2006). Maize seed supply systems and implications for seed sector development in South Western Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, New York, 28(2): 25-40.
  • Daniel I. O., Adeniji O. T., Oloyede, H. T., Ojo, D. K. and Adegbite, A. E. (2006). Genetic analysis of earliness and yield in elite parental lines and hybrids of tropical maize (Zea mays L.). Journal of Genetics and Breeding, 60: 289-296.
  • Adebowale, A. A., Sanni, L. O., Awonorin, S. A., Daniel, I. O. and Kuye, A. (2007). Effect of cassava varieties on the sorption isotherm of tapioca grits. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 42: 448-452.
  • Daniel, I. O. (2007). Longevity of maize (Zea mays L.) seeds during low input storage under ambient conditions in Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 45(1-2) 42-47.
  • Daniel, I. O., Adetumbi, J. A. and Akintobi, D. A. C. (2007). A descriptive analysis of seed systems in Southwestern Nigeria. ASSET Journal, A7(1): (In press).
  • Adebisi, M. A., Ola, J. A., Akintobi, D. A. C. and Daniel, I. O. (2008). Storage life of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) seeds under humid tropical conditions. Seed Science & Technology, 36: 379-387.
  • Oyekale, K. O., Daniel, I. O., Kamara, A. Y., Adegbite, A. E., Akintobi, D. A. C., and Ajala, M. O. (2008). Evaluation of tropical maize hybrids under drought stress. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment, 6(2): 132-136.
  • Daniel, I O., Oyekale, K. O., Ajala, M. O. Sanni, L. O. and Okelana, M. A. O. (2009). Physiological quality of hybrid maize seeds during containerized dry storage with silica gel. African Journal of Biotechnology. 8 (2) 181-186.


Chapter in Books

  • Daniel, I. O. (2009). Ex-situ biodiversity conservation: Challenges and possibilities for seed gene bank operations in South Western Nigeria. In: Biotechnology development and threat of climate change in Africa. (In press).
  • Daniel, I. O. (2009). Iso-electric focusing (IEF): a molecular diagnostic tool for genetic purity evaluation and cultivar identification in seed analysis. In: Trends in advancement of life science research and development in Nigeria. (In press).

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