Oni, O.O: Awards Received

* Distinction in Veterinary Surgery 2001: The Distribution Patterns of Haemoparasites In Abattoir Cattle.
2005: Genetic Detection and Seroprevalence of Marek’s Disease In Some Chicken Flocks In Southwestern Nigeria.
1. Owoade A.A. and O.O. Oni (2008). Molecular detection of Marek’s disease virus in some poultry flocks in southwestern Nigeria. Nig. Poult. Sci. Jour. 5 (3) 113-118.
2. Otesile, E.B., Oyekunle, M.A., Oni, O.O., Adebowale, O.O., Kehinde, O.O., Ojo, E.O., Akinduti, P.A (2008). Detection of Newcastle disease virus antigen and antibody in vaccinated and unvaccinated local chicken. Nig. Poult. Sci. Jour. 5 (3) 119-223.

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