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* The Influence of Disease- Inducing Agents Other than Dermatophilus congolensis on the Severity of Stretothricosis.Oyekunle, M. A., Talabi, A. O., Agbaje, M.,Oni O. O ., Adebayo, A.O., Olude, M. A., Oyewusi, I.K. and P.A. Akinduti.Actinomycosis In A West African Dwarf Goat In Nigeria- A Case Report. (Vet. Archiv). [Abstract]

Articles Accepted for publication
Articles submitted for publication

* Ajayi,O. L.; Omotainse, S. O., Olaniyi, M.O., Fasina,O.O., Oluwole, O.A., Makinde,A. F.,and Oyewusi, I. K. Patent ductus arteriosus with glomerular mesangiolysis in a White –Fulani calf in Nigeria. 44th Annual conference of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2007, Pp 209-211.

* Talabi, A.O., Oyekunle, M.A., Oni, O.O., Adebowale, O.O., Oyewusi, I.K., Olurode, S.A. and Sonibare, A.O. Contagious ecthyma in a West African dwarf goat-A case report. 45th Annual conference of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2008 (In press). [Abstract]

* Abakpa, S., Takeet, M. I., Talabi, A. O., Oyewusi, I.K., and Adebowale, O.O.Outbreak of coccidiosis in piggery in Abeokuta. 45th Annual conference of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2008(In press). [Abstract]

* Ajayi, O.L., Antia, R.E., Ajadi, R.A., Omobowale, O.T., Jagun, A.T., Omotainse, S.O. and Oyewusi, I.K. Metastic primary cutaneous transmissible veneral tumor in a male Rottweiller Dog in Nigeria.

* Oyewusi, I.K., Ogundiyi, A.I., Ajayi, O.L., Talabi, A.O. and Takeet, O.V.A. Management of head abscess in Rabbit.

* Biobaku, K.T., Ajayi, O.L.,Ajagbonna, O.P., Omotainse, S.O., Ajibola, E.S. and Oyewusi, I.K. Effects of Wheat Bran and Diminazene Aceturate on pathogenicity of Trypanosoma infection in Rats (Nigerian Journal of parasitology). [Abstract]

* Ajayi, O.L., Oyewusi, I.K., Oyekunle, M.A., Omotainse, S.O., Adebowale, O.O., Olaniyi, M.O. and Biobaku, K.T. Enzootic nasal Adenocarcinoma cytological and clinicopathological observations in a West African Dwarf goat in Nigeria.

* Biobaku, K.T., Takeet, M.I Olurode, S.A., Oyewusi, I.K., Oni, O.O. and Oloye, A.A. The prevalence and clinic-haematological changes of protozoan diseases in food animals in Alabata, Abeokuta (Nigerian Journal of parasitology). [Abstract]

* Gbadebo,A.O., Sofola, A.O.,Ajibola, E.S., Adebayo, A.O., Oyewusi, I.K., Olukunle, J.O., and Biobaku, K.T.Effects of Artesunate on blood pressure and heart rate of wistar Albino rats (Nigerian Journal of physiological sciences). [Abstract]

* Oyewusi I.K., Otesile, E. B., Oyekunle, M. A. and Talabi, A.O. The influence of other disease- inducing agents on the severity of Dermatophilosis (Streptothricosis) in cattle. 44th Annual conference of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, 2007, Pp331-333. [Abstract}

* Survey on the Effects of Some Blood Parasitic Infections on Some Blood Parameters in Goats.


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