Sogebi, E.A.: Publications

(a) i. Makinde A.F, Ajadi T.A, Olusa T.A.O, Sogebi E.A.O, Ajadi R.A (2007). Post Injection Cellulites Following Administration of Analgin in Dogs. Report of two cases. NVMA Annual Conference 2007.

ii. Sogebi E.A.O, Adetunji A. Effect of Concurrent Administration of Bupivacaine on the Hypnosis of Propofol in Dogs. NVMA Annual Conference 2007.

(b) Papers in conference proceedings.
(c). Papers in – view

i. Sogebi E.A.O, Adetunji A: Effects of concurrent Administration of Bupivacaine on the Hypnosis of Thiopentone in Dogs.

ii. Oloye, A.A, Olurode S.A, Talabi, O.A, Sonibare, A.O, Sogebi E.A.O: Reproductive failures in food animal – A five year retrospective review.

iii. Olukunle J.O, Jacobs E, Ajayi O.L, Adenubi O, Ajibola E.S, Adebowale O.O, Sogebi E.A.O: Toxicological effects of acalypha wilkesiana in rats.

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