Sonibare, A.O: Publications

(a) Dissertation

Sonibare, A.O. (2003). The effect of natural gastro intestinal parasitic infection on haematological parameters of sheep and goats in Apete Ibadan. Master of Veterinary Science Dissertation, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

(b) Articles in Learned Journals

1. Oduye, O.O., Antia, R.E., Nottidge, H.O., Taiwo, V.O., Adeyemi, I.G., Okewole, E.A., Adeyemo, O.K. Cadmus, S.I.B., Sonibare, A.O., Ajadi, R.A. and Lasisi, O.T. (2001). Trypanosomosis in City Dogs in South Western Nigeria. Tropical Veterinarian. 19: 45-54.

2. Nottidge, H.O., Ajadi, R.A.,Cadmus, S.I.B, Sonibare, A.O. Okewole, E.A., Adedokun, R.A.M., Taiwo, V.O., Emikpe, B., Oduye, O. and Antia, R.E. (2003). Liver cirrhosis associated with a non responsive ascites in a 10 month old Alsatian dog – Case report. African Journal of BiomedicalResearch 6: 151-153. [Abstract]

3. Ajuwape, A.T.P., Sonibare, A.O., Okewole, E.A., Adedokun, R.A.M., Adedokun, O.A., Adejinmi, J.O. and Akinboye, D.G. (2003). Infestation of royal python (Python regius) with Amblyomma hebraeum in Ibadan Zoo, Nigeria. Tropical Veterinarian. 21: 38-41. [Abstract]

4. Sonibare, A.O., Adejinmi, J.O., Ajuwape, A.T.P., Adedokun, O.A., Adedokun, R.A.M., Kumshe, H.A., Ayoade, G.O., Akinboye, G.B. (2007). Eperythrozoonosis in Royal Python (Python requis) in Zoological Garden in Ibadan Nigeria. Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Science (Accepted for publication 26th March 2007) [Abstract]

5. Omobowale T.O, Emikpe B.O., Saba A.B and Sonibare A.O. (2007). Diazinon toxicity in a commercial layer flock. Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa (Accepted for publication March 2007)

6. Ogunleye, A.O., Oyekunle, M.A. and Sonibare, A.O. (2008). Multidrug resistant Escherichia coli isolates of poultry origin in Abeokuta South Western Nigeria. Veterinarski Arhiv 78 (6); 501-509.[Abstract]

(c) Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

7. Sonibare, A.O., Ayoade, G.O., Olufemi, B.E., Otesile, E.B. and Kumshe, H. (2005). Lice (Lipeurus caponis) infestation in turkey and chicken in Ibadan, Nigeria. In “The Emerging Opportunities for Poultry Production in West Africa”. Proceedings of the First Nigeria International Poultry Summit. 20th – 25th February 2005. The Temperance, Ota, Ogun State Nigeria. A.O. Fanimo, S.O. Peters, O.M.O. Idowu, S.I. Ola and E.B. Sonaiya (eds.) p 177-179.

8. Giaji Y.A., Kumshe, H.A. Malha, A. and Sonibare, A.O. (2005). Parasitic Causes of Anaemia in Red Bororo Cattle in Nigeria. In “National Food Security: Current Challenges for The Veterinarians”. Proceedings of the 42nd Congress of the Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association. 14th – 18th November 2005, University of Maiduguri Borno State. S. S. Baba (ed.) pp 64 – 66.

9. Omotainse, S.O., Oyekunle, M.O., Sonibare, A.O., Luther, J.N., Shamaki, D., Dipeolu, M.A. and Otesile, E.B. (2007). Clinical and Pathological Features of Outbreak of African Swine Fever on a Farm in South Western Nigeria. In “Sustainability of the Livestock Industry in an Oil Economy” Proceedings of 32nd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production. March 18th – 21st 2007 University of Calabar, Calabar Cross River State Nigeria. L N Agwunobi and O.O Olawoyin (eds.) pp 42 – 44.

10. Sonibare,, A.O., Kumshe, H.A., Talabi, A.O. and Biobaku, K.T. (2007).Effect of sex and age on the haematology of West African Dwarf Goats (Fouta Djallon) under three management systems in Ibadan, Nigeria. Proceedings of 44th Annual Congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association. October 22nd – 27th 2007 Effurum, Delta State Nigeria. [Abstract]

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