Adeosun, F. I: Courses Taught

Code Course Title

    • FIS 502¬†¬†Fisheries Technology Processing And Storage
    • FIS 503¬†¬†Fish Production of Other Marine Products
    • FIS 509¬†¬†Fish Farming Engineering
    • FIS 402¬†¬†Aquaculture Practice
    • FIS 404¬†¬†Freshwater Fisheries Management
    • FPY 406¬†Livestock Production And Management
    • FIS 301¬†¬†Fish Biology
    • FIS 308¬† Elementary Seamanship and Navigation
    • FIS 310¬†¬†Oceanography
    • FIS 311¬†¬†Aquatic Flora and Fauna
    • FIS 312¬†¬†Introduction to Fish Pond Construction and Management
    • PDF 705¬†Fisheries Biology And Assessment
    • PDF 712¬†Fish Farming Engineering
    • FIS 700¬†¬†Experimental Design And Statistical Analysis
    • FIS 705¬†¬†Systematic Study of Aquatic Food Animal
    • FIS 715¬†¬†Fish Stock Assessment

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