Alake, C.O’s Conferences



  • Akintobi, D.C. and Alake, C.O. 2008. Genetic variability for yield and other agronomic    parameters in sweet potato Ipomea batata (L) Lam genotypes. Proceedings of the 1st West African Summit and the 4th National conference On organic agriculture 17-21 Nov. 2008. 202-206.
  • Oduwaye, O.A., Ojo, D.K., Abdul-Rafia, A.M and Alake, C.O. 2010. Genetic study of thirty-three accessions of Amaranthus species. Proceedings 34th Annual conference of Genetic Society of Nigeria (GSN), V. A. Chikaleke, O.A.Adetula and S.A. Olakojo (Eds) 112-120




  • 34th Annual Conference of the Genetic Society of Nigeria on Genetics and Sustainable livelihood in a developing economy. Held at main auditorium, National Horticultural Research Institute, Idi-Ishin, Ibadan (19 –24th September, 2010).
  • 1st West African Summit and 4th National Conference on Organic Agriculture, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (17th – 21st Nov., 2008).