AJadi, R.A: Awards Received

* Travel fellowship of the international Veterinary Radiology Association to attend the 13th Annual conference in South Africa (August, 2003).
* Visiting Scholar to the department of Companion Animal Medicine, University of Pretoria, South Africa. August –September, 2003.
* Prof. D.H. Hill Best Student in Clinics 1996/97Session
* Prof. D.H. Hill Best Student in Vet. Surgery &Reproduction
* Nupemeco Prize.
* Dr.Liman Ciroma Prize
* Prof. H.U. Akpokodje Prize in Vet. Surgery Reproduction
* Coomasie Prize for the best student in DVM final degree examination.
* Departmental Prize in Vet. Surgery and Reproduction
* Literary and debating society (University of Ibadan) honours award for being the Winner of the 1993 Vice chancellor inter-hall debate competition.
* Association of Veterinary Medical Student (AVMS) merit award as the best lecturer in clinics in the year 2001.
* Distinction in Veterinary Surgery

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