AJadi, R.A: Publications

Dissertation and Thesis
1. Effect of lactation on plasma and erythrocyte enzymes Cholesterol, triglycerides and bilirubin in N’dama cattle (BosTaurus) (DVM project; October 1997).

2. Influence of sedation with xylazine or acepromazine on nephrographic opacification during excretory urography in dogs (M.V.Sc dissertation, Nov. 2002).
a. Books or chapters in books already published: NIL
b. Patents: NIL
c. Articles in learned journals.

1. P.C.Ozegbe, R.A. Ajadi, Victoria O.Ajeneye (2000).Influence of lactation on some plasma biochemical parameters in N’dama and White Fulani Cattle.Trop J.Anim.Sci. 3(2):43-49. (Abstract)

2. Ajadi R.A; Aladesawe T.A Adewoye C.O., Oyemakinde B.O. (2001). Congenital rectovaginal defect and atresia ani in a four week old local puppy. A case report. Trop Vet 19 (2) 55-57. (Abstract)

3. Adetunji A; Ajadi R.A Aladesawe T.A (2001) A comparison of epidural anesthesia with lignocaine, Bupivacaine and lignocaine/Bupivacaine mixture in dogs. Isr. Journal of Vet. Med. 56(3) 85-89. (Abstract)

4. Adetunji A., Adewoye C.O., Ajadi R.A. (2001) Comparison of epidural injections of lignocaine and xylazine in ketamine sedated cats. The Vet. Journal 163 (3): 335-336.

5. Ajadi R.A. Ajadi T.A; Nasir O. M. Abiade A.A. (2002). Case report of suspected hypertrophic osteodystrophy in a five-month-old female Alsatian. Trop Vet. 20(2) 96-100. (Abstract)

6. Ajadi R.A Adene O.T., Ighalo O. (2002). Radiographic estimation of the location and size of the kidneys in Nigerian local Dogs: Short communication. Trop Vet 20(3): 169-171.

7. Adetunji A; Ajadi R. A., Adewoye C.O. Oyemakinde B.O. (2002). Total Intravenous anesthesia with Propofol: Repeat bolus versus continuous Propofol infusion techniques in xylazine premedicated dogs. Isr Journal of Vet. Med 57(4)139-144. (Abstract)

8. Adetunji A; Ajadi R.A; Awosika T. A; Alabi A. (2002) Comparison of the analgesics effects of pentazocine and ketoprofen in onychetomized cats. Tropical Veterinarian 20(2):101-111. (Abstract)

9. Ajala O.O; Ajadi R.A; Oyeyemi M.O; Emikpe B.O; Akusu M.O (2002). Vaginal hyperplasia in a Nigerian local bitch; a case report. Tropical Veterinarian 20(3):149-152 (Abstract)

10. Adetunji A; Ajadi R.A; Opia R.E (2002).A comparison of epidural anesthesia with xylazine, bupivacaine, bupivacaine/xylazine mixture in west African dwarf goats. Isr Journal of Vet. Med 57(2)76-81. (Abstract)

11. Ajadi R.A; Ighalo O; Sarumoh, B (2002).Effect of organic contrast media on the hematology and serum electrolytes in xylazine sedated dogs. Tropical Veterinarian 20(4):209-217. (Abstract)

12. Oni S.O; Akinrinmade, J.F; Ajadi, R.A; Eyarefe, O; Olaifa, A.K. (2002).Splenic lymphoma in an adult local bitch-A case report. Nigerian Veterinary Journal.23 (1):64-69.

13. Adetunji, A; Ajadi, R.A; Akerele, T.O (2002).Effects of chloramphenicol pretreatment on xylazine/ketamine anesthesia in cats. Tropical Veterinarian.20 (4):231-237. (Abstract)

14. Nottidge H.O; Ajadi R.A Cadmus S.IB, Shonibare, O, Okewole E.A, Taiwo V.O Emikpe B, Adedokun, R.A.M Oduye O.O (2003) Liver cirrhosis associated with a non responsive ascites in a 10 month old Alsatian Dog. Afr. Journal of Biomedical Research Vol. 6: 151-153.

15. P.C. Ozegbe, R.A. Ajadi, V.O.Ajeneye (2003).Comparative effect of some erythrocyte biochemical parameters in N’dama and White Fulani cows. Bull. Anim. Hlth.Prod. Afr.51:167-170.

16. Ajadi R.A; Ajala O.O; Oyeyemi M.O; Akusu M.O (2005). Achondroplastic syndrome in a West African dwarf lamb. African Journal of Biomedical Research 8(1):67-69. (Abstract)

17. Ajadi R.A; A. Adetunji: V.O.Omoerah and J.U.Okoh (2006) .Influence of dosage and chemical restraints on feline excretory urography. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 77(4);202-204.(Abstract)

18. Nottidge H.O; Omobowale, T.O; Washio, M; Ajadi, R.A ; Toizumi ,S.H; Takahashi, k.(2006).The prevalence of the dog erythrocyte antigen 1 (D.E.A 1.1and D.E.A 1.2) in Nigerian indigenous dogs. Folia Veterinaria 50(2):66-68. (Abstract)

19. Ajadi R.A; Oloko, T.O; Oni, S.O; Akinrinmade, J.F. (2OO6).A comparison of two suture materials in the closure of pyloric incision in dogs. Folia Veterinaria 50(3): 154-156.

20. Ajadi R.A; Adetunji A. (2006). Comparison of the influence of sedation with either of xylazine or acepromazine on nephrographic opacification in dogs. Folia Veterinarian 50(4): 206-207.

21. Ajadi R.A; Adetunji A; Olaniyan O.S. (2007). A trial of propofol infusion in xylazine premedicated dogs undergoing laparogastrotomy. Isr Journal of Vet. Med: 62:2.

22. Ajadi R.A; Agbesinu, A.J.B; Adetunji A; Akinrinmade J.F (2007). A trial of propofol and ketamine combination in domestic short haired cats. Folia Veterinarian 51(1) :30-33. (Abstract)

23. Ajadi R.A; Olusa, T.A; Adeniye, S.B. (2008). Comparative effects of xylazine and acepromazine on some hematological parameters and serum electrolytes in dogs. India Journal of Veterinary Surgery 29(1):45-46

24. Ajadi R.A; Fagade, A.O; Oloko, O.A. (2008). Influence of diazepam, midazolam, or propofol on ketamine anaesthesia in domestic short haired cats. India Journal of Veterinary Surgery. 29(2):

25. Ajadi, T.A; Ajadi, R.A; Agbaje, M; Abiade A.A (2008). Cystic endometrial hyperplasia-pyometra complex in bitches: a report of three cases. India Journal of Veterinary Surgery. 29(2)
26. Ajadi, R.A., Smith, O.F., Makinde, A.F.M., Adeleye, O.E. (2008). Increasing ketamine dose enhances the anaesthetic properties of ketamine-xylazine-midazolam combinations in growing pigs. Jl S. Afr. Vet. Assoc. 79(4): 205-207. (abstract)

27. Ajadi, R.A., Kasali, O.B., Makinde, A.F., Adeleye, A.I., Akintunde, O.G. (2009). Effects of midazolam on the anaesthetic properties of ketamine and xylazine combination in guinea fowls (Numida meleagris galeata). Journal of Avian Medicine & Surgery. (In Press)

28. Ajadi, R. A., Olusa, T.A., Smith, O.F., Ajibola, E.S., Adeleye, E.O., Adenubi, O.T., Makinde, A.F. (2009). Premedication with tramadol improved the efficacy of ketamine-xylazine anaesthesia in young pigs. Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia. (In Press)

Major Conference Attended with Papers Read
a. 4th Annual Conference of Society for the study of pain, Nigeria (S.S.P.N.) 26th-28th July 2001.
Adetunji A; Ajadi R.A. Awosika A.T. and Alabi A.I. (2001) Comparison of the analgesic effects of pentazocine and ketoprofen in onychectomized cats. 4th Annual Conference S.S.P.N. Ibadan, Book of abstract PG. 7.

b. 38th Annual Congress of Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA). 9th-13th, October 2001.
Ajadi R.A., Adetunji A., Olaniyan O.S. (2001). A trial of Propofol infusion in xylazine premedicated dogs undergoing laparogastrotomy. 38th Annual Congress N.V.M.A. Badagry, Nigeria. 9th-13th October 2001. Book of abstract.page1.

c. 13th International Veterinary Radiology Association Congress, Midrand, South Africa 18-22 August 2003.
Ajadi R. A, Adetunji A (2003) comparison of the influence of sedation with either of xylazine or acepromazine on nephrographic opacification in dogs. Book of abstract pg.80.

d. Association of Veterinary Anaesthetist (AVA) Autumn Meeting, Barcelona, Spain. 14-16, October, 2008.
Ajadi, R.A., Smith, O.F., Makinde, A.F.M., Adeleye, E.O (2008). Potentiation of the anaesthetic effect of ketamine- xylazine by midazolam in pigs. Book of Proceedings pg. 69


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