Bankole, S. O: Conferences Attended

Osipitan, A. A., Akintokun K. Odeyemi S., and Bankole S. O. (2009). Evaluation of damage of some food commodities by larger grain borer – Prostephanuns truncates (Horn) (Celeopter “Bostrichidae) and Microbial composition of frass induced by the insect. Archives of Phytopathology and plant protection. pp 1-10, published by Taylor and Francis Group. Available on line at


1.  Bankole, S. O. (1998). Neuro Pharmacological Effect of Psidum guajava leaf extract, Central Nervous System and Gastro intestine effect of of Psidum guajava leaf extract Final Diploma (HND) Project

2.  Bankole, S. O. (1991). Experimental Analysis and Determination of Alcohol in Kargasok Tea. OND Project.

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