Fagbemi, B.O: Courses Taught

Undergraduate Level (1980 to date)
*Veterinary Helminthology to 300 and 400 level DVM students * Veterinary Protozoology and Entomology to 300 and 400 DVM students
* Introduction to Veterinary Parasitology to 300 level DVM students
* Introductory Parasitology to 200 level Agriculture students
Postgraduate Level (From 1984 to date)
* Parasite Immunology to MSc Microbiology students
* Diseases caused by Helminths to MSc Veterinary Parasitology and Zoology students.
* Diseases caused by Protozoa to MSc Veterinary Parasitology and Students
* Parasite Arthropods to MSc Veterinary Parasitoloty Students
* Laboratory Identification of Parasites to MSc Parasitology and students
* Wildlife Parasitology to MSc Veterinary Parasitology students

* Taxonomy of Veterinary Parasites to MSc Veterinary Parasitology students
* Parasite Immunology to MSc students in the College of Medicine (since 1995 to date).
* VPR 302  Introductory Veterinary Parasitology

* VPR 402 Veterinary Entomology
* VPR 404 Veterinary Protozoology

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