Idowu, O. A: Publications

(a) Thesis/Dissertation

(i). Prevalence, Home and Clinical Management of Malaria Infectionamong Pregnant Women in Abeokuta, Nigeria (Ph.D. Thesis, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta 2006)

(ii). Multiplication, morphology and viability of axenically cultivated Trypanosoma vivax in ME 99 and Minimum essential medium (MEM) (M.Sc. Thesis, University of Lagos, Lagos 1994)

(iii). Studies on the helminth fauna and food contents of the gastrointestinal tract of Agama agama in Ibadan (B.Sc Project,University of Ibadan, Ibadan 1991)

(b) Articles in Learned Journals

(1) Idowu, A. B. and Idowu, O. A. (1999). Pharmacological properties of the repellent secretion of Zonocerus variegatus (Orthoptera; Pyrgomorphidae) Rev. Biol. Trop. 47(4): 1015 – 1020.

(2) Idowu, O.A., Idowu, A.B., Mafiana, C.F. and Sam-Wobo, S.O. (2000) Multiplication and viability of axenically cultivated Trypanosoma vivax in vitro and in vivo. Bioscience Research Communications. 12(4): 395-400. (BANKED)

(3) Idowu, A. B.and Idowu O.A. (2001). Effect of food plants in the volume of repellent Secretions obtained in adult Zonocerus variegatus (L).(Orthoptera; Pyrgomorphidea) Rev. Biol. Trop. 49(2): 679-) 684

(4) Idowu,O.A., C.F. Mafiana and Sotiloye Dapo (2003) Rhesus Negative pregnant women in a traditional Birth home in Abeokuta, Nigeria African Journal of Biotechnology 2(8): 241-243 (BANKED)

(5) Idowu,O.A., C.F. Mafiana, Adu, O.O.and Sotiloye Dapo (2005) Occurrence of Plasmodium and Intestinal Helminth infection among anaemic pregnant women in Abeeokuta The Zoologist 3: 40-454.

(6). Idowu,O.A., C.F. Mafiana and Sotiloye Dapo (2005) A survey of anaemia among pregnant women in Abeokuta, Nigeria. African Health Sciences 5(4):295-299.

(7) Idowu, O.A., C.F. Mafiana, and Sotiloye Dapo (2006) Malaria among pregnant women in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Tanzania Health Research Bulletin 8:29-32.(8). Idowu O.A, Apalara S.B and Lasisi A.A (2006) Malaria Control: Assessment of quality of Chloroquine tablets sold by drug vendors in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Tanzania Health Research Bulletin 8:46-47

(9) Idowu,O.A., and Rowland S.A. (2006) Prevalence of Orally Faecal Parasites and personal hygiene of food handlers in Abeokuta. African Health Sciences (3):160-164.

(10) Sam-Wobo, S. O., Oyeyemi, O. A., Idowu, O. A. and Afolarin, A. (2006) Assessment of health knowledge and risk factors associated with intestinal helminths in tertiary schools in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 27:76-80

(11) Idowu, O.A. and Mafiana, C.F.(2007) Malaria in Pregnancy: Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Pregnant Women in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 28(2)61-64.

(12) Idowu O.A, Sam-Wobo S.O and Olorode, N.O (2007) Fascioliasis:Prevalence, protein content and attitude of meat sellers to infected livers of slaughtered cattle in Abeokuta. . The Nigerian Journal of parasitology 28(2)125-128.

(13) Idowu, O.A. and Mafiana C.F. I.J. Luwoye and O. Adehanloye (2008) Perceptions and home management practices of malaria in some rural communities in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Travel medicine and Infectious Disease 6: 210-214.

(14) Idowu O.A, Mafiana C.F and Sotiloye Dapo (2008). Traditional birth home attendance and its implications for malaria control during pregnancy in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 102:679-684

(15) Sam-Wobo, S.O., Mafiana, C. F., Agwuegbo, S., Adebanji, A. O., Agbeyangi, O and Idowu, O. A. (2008). Incidence of Ascariasis infection among primary school children in Ogun State, Nigeria: A Generalized Linear Model Approach The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology 29 (1): 32-37.

(16) Oluwole, A.S, Ekpo, U.F., Mafiana, C.F., Adeofun, C.O., Idowu, O.A.(2009) Preliminary Study on Temporal Variatios in Biting Activity of Simulium damnosum s.l. in Abeokuta North LGA, Ogun State Nigeria. Parasites and Vectors 2:55. Published by Biomed Central (UNITED KINGDOM). Available online at

(17)Idowu, O.A, Jimoh, W; Obe V.O (2009). Transfusion malaria: Infectivity and Multiplication of Plasmodium berghei stored at 4oC for various time intervals. International Journal of Malaria and Tropical Diseases 5: 99-103. Published by the Malaria Society of Nigeria. ISSN: 1596-3381. Available online at

(18) Adeleke, M.A., Mafiana, C.F., Idowu, A.B., Sam-Wobo, S.O., Idowu, O.A (2010). Population Dynamics of Indoor Sampled Mosquitoes and their Implication in Disease Transmission in Abeokuta, South-Western Nigeria. Journal of Vector Borne Diseases 47: 33-38(INDIA). Published by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Available online at

(19) Idowu, O.A., Ajana O.O., Soniran, S.T ,and Aworinde, D.O.(2010) Ethnobotanical Survey of Antimalarial Plants Used in Ogun state Southwest-Nigeria. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 4(2): 55-60. Published by Academic Journals. Available online at

(20) Olukunle, J.O, Abatan, M.O., Soniran, O.T., Takeet,M .I., Idowu, O.A., Akande,F.A., Biobaku,K.T. and Jacobs, E.B.(2010). In-vivo Antitrypanosomal Evaluation of Some Medicinal Plant Extracts from Ogun State, Nigeria. Science World Journal 5(1): 17-19. Published by Faculty of Science, Kaduna State University. Available online at

(21) Sam-Wobo, S.O, Igenezoa, A. J, Idowu, O.A, Otesile, E.B, Ekpo U.F.and Kehinde O.O.(2010). Bovine trypanosomosis and its impact on cattle in derived savanna areas of Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 1(3): 43-47. Published by academic Journals. Available online at

(22) Idowu, O.A., Sam-Wobo S.O., Oluwole A., Adediran A. S (2011). Awareness, Possession and Use of Insecticide Treated Net for Prevention of malaria in Children Under-five in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 47:117-121 (AUSTRALIA). Published by Wiley-Blackwell for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Available online at


Journal Articles Accepted for Publication

(23) Idowu, O.A. and Babatunde, O.O. Parasitic infections in Finger- sucking school age children. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal (In Press) (USA). Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins for the Pediatrics Infectious Diseases Society and European Society for Pediatrics Infectious Diseases. Available online at . (letter of acceptance dated February 15, 2011)

(24) Sam-Wobo S.O, Amusa A.A, Idowu O.A and Mafiana C.F(2011). Assessment of HIV and Malaria Infections and Perception among Antenatal Women in Ogun State, Nigeria. ASSET: (In Press). Published by University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Available online at (letter of acceptance dated October 5, 2010)

(25) Idowu, O.A. Adeleke M.A; Junaid O.Q; Funmilayo O.J (2011). Effectiveness of Window Nets of Different Mesh Sizes In The Prevention of Mosquito-Human Contact: Implication for Malaria Control. International Journal of Malaria and Tropical Diseases. (In Press) Published by the Malaria Society of Nigeria. ISSN:1596-3381.Available online at (Letter of acceptance received in June, 2011)

(26) Soniran, O.T, Idowu, O.A, Idowu, A.B and Ajana O.O (2011). Evaluation of in vivo antiplasmodial activities of extracts of Morinda morindiodes (Bak.) in the treatment of malaria. International Journal of Biomedical and Health Sciences. (In Press) Published by Department of Biochemistry, University of Ilorin. Available online at (Letter of Acceptance dated June 2, 2011)



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