Olanloye, A. O : Conferences Attended

• Aworinde D.O.,Ogundairo B.O. Osuntoyinbo K. F. and Olanloye, A.O. Foliar and epidermal characters of some Sterculiaceae species in Nigeria. Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences. In press

• Assessment of some cassava genotypes for resistance to bacterial blight disease caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Manihotis (Berthet-Bondar) Dye. Post-Graduate research project submitted to the Department of Crop Protection, FUNAAB. October, 2008

• Screening of mycotoxin production in local herbal mixture in Abeokuta. Book of Abstracts of the 25th Conference of the Nigeria Society of Microbiology. November, 2005  Pg 50


•37th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Plant Protection 6th- 10th May, 2012

• Workshop on Research for Wealth Creation: An Enterprenural Approach organised by the Directorate of Advancement of Research and Linkages, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago- Iwoye, Ogun State 6th -7th October, 2011

• Workshop on Maintenance Culture and Consciousness organized by the Equipment Maintenance Centre, UNAAB 2nd – 3rd Feb. 2010

• Workshop on Laboratory Methods of Biotechnology organized

by the Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology 21st – 25th Sept. 2009

• Training Workshop on Advance Instrumentation and its Sustainability organized by the Equipment Maintenance Centre, UNAAB 11th – 13th Mar. 2009

• 10th UNAAB short summer course in Practical Biotechnology (Basic Molecular Biology Techniques for DNA Technology) 15th – 26th Oct., 2007

• Three months French Language Intensive course in FUNAAB April – July 2006

• 29th Annual Conference of the Nigeria Society of Microbiology 5th – 9th Nov., 2005

• NAFDAC / IAEA West Africa Regional Workshop and Laboratory Training on Mycotoxins 5th – 9th Nov., 2005

• NYSC/UNICEF HIV/ AIDS Awareness and Advocates Seminar 15th- 18th July, 2001


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