Afolami, C.A: Conferences Attended

Unpublished Conference Proceedings:

51. AFOLAMI, C.A. (1992). “An Exploration of Ex-post evaluation of livestock sub-sector of the ADP”. Invited paper presented at the 1992 National Monitoring and Evaluation Seminar, organized by APMEU, at Durbar Hotel, Kaduna.

52. AFOLAMI, C.A. (1992). “Black pod Incidence in the cropping system of cocoa grown in combination with oil-palm” presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Plant Protection.

53.AFOLAMI,S.O. AND C.A. AFOLAMI (1992). “Crop Protection in Arable Crops in Nigeria. A case study of Ogun State and a call for review”. Presented at the 22nd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Plant protection.

54. AFOLAMI, C.A. AND I.O. VAUGHAN (1992). “Budgeting, monitoring and Control in the Administration of Local Government Education Authorities”. An invited paper presented at the National Workshop on Primary Education Management at Sango-Otta.

55. AFOLAMI, C.A. (1993). “Gender Issues in Lost Crops of Nigeria”. An invited paper delivered at the Workshop of Lost Crops of Nigeria, organized in collaboration with the Goethe Institute, the Nigeria German Association (Abeokuta), and Verein Deutscher Ingenuere (VDI).

56. AFOLAMI, C.A. (1994). “Solutions to the Problems of Marketing Agricultural Commodities in Nigeria”. Paper presented at the First Ogun State Council on Agriculture. OGADEP Conference Hall, Abeokuta.

Technical Reports:

57. Member, UNAAB Consultancy Team, Design and Formulation of project Document for National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA). Oke-Ako/Irele Project in Ondo State, Nigeria, May 1993 pp.139.

58) Member, UNAAB Consultancy Team, Design and formulation of project Document for National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) for Joga-Orile Project in Ogun State of Nigeria, September 1992, pp. 143.

59) Resource Scientist, Diagnostic Survey of Livestock Production in Ogun State, conducted by Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, O.A.U., Ibadan and Federal Agricultural Coordinating Unit (FACU), Ibadan, December 1992.

60.Resource Scientist, Diagnostic Survey of Agricultural Potentials of Lagos State, Conducted by I.A.R.&.T. for Lagos State ADP, 1993.

61. Resource Person: National Agricultural Research Project (NARP), Preparation of National Agricultural Research Strategy Plan (NARSP) Report on South-West Zone of Nigeria.

Books and Monographs:

62.Akinbode I. Adefolu and Carolyn Afolami (1993) (Editors). “Strategies

for Mobilising Rural Women for Economic Development: The Nigerian

Example”, UNAAB Conference Proceedings No.4, 145 pages.

63. ADEDIPE, N.O. AND CAROLYN AFOLAMI (1993) (Editors). “Enhancing Large -Scale Farming in Nigeria”. UNAAB Conference Proceedings No.3, 133 pages.

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