Amori, A. A: Research

1. The Importance and Use of Maps in Urban Transportation Planning: A Case Study of Lagos Metropolitan Area. A Project Report (B.A Geography), University of Lagos, 1987, 85pps.

2. A Geographical Analysis of Ajoda New Town, Ibadan. Unpublished M.Sc Thesis, University of Ibadan, 1991, 163pps.

3. Resource Provision and Utilization, Mathematical Ability and Learning Environment as Predictors of Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Practical Geography Courses. An Unpublished Ph.D Thesis, University of Ibadan, 2005, 334pps.

4. Analysis and Evaluation of Map-Using Tasks A mong Nigerian Undergraduates, May 2006

5. Topic Difficulty in Undergraduate Practical Geography Courses, June 2006

6. Analysis of Map Awareness and Knowledge of the Nigerian Public, December 2006.

7. Modern Methods in the Design and Use of Cartographic Symbols July 2007.

8. Modern Map Revision Techniques, November 2007.

9. Development and Preparation of Mapping Proposals and Projects. April 2008.

10. Health and Social-Economic Problems of Rural Rain Water Harvesting in Nigeria, August 2008.

11. Mapping Applications in Water Resources Management. February 2009.

12. Nigerian Urban Space and Relevance of the New Town Concept, April 2009

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